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1. What column type in Oracle can take full range of java double values

What column type in Oracle 10g can be used to store any value of java double up to and including Double.MAX_VALUE and Double.MIN_VALUE?

2. SQLException: fetched column value was truncated when executing while (rs.getNext())

I have a program that pulls a large dataset from Oracle 10g ( using a fairly-straightforward query. You could almost call the query/logic an "export" of sorts in that it ...

3. Duplicate set of columns from one table to another table

My requirement is to read some set of columns from a table. The source table has many - around 20-30 numeric columns and I would like to read only a set ...

4. Is it possible to refer to column names via bind variables in Oracle?

I am trying to refer to a column name to order a query in an application communicating with an Oracle database. I want to use a bind variable so that I ...

5. When are two columns that look the same not the same in oracle?

I am work on a project in oracle 9i. I was having a problem with toplink 10.1.3 loading a particular row in a table. It turns out the jdbc ...

6. java.sql.SQLException: [BEA][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allows for this column

I'm getting this error message in production. Unfortunately this comes from a purchased application and the support process is not precisely fast. This happens when data is being copied from one ...

7. How to manage consecutive column values in table rows

A little presentation for what I want to do: Consider the case where different people from a firm get, once a year, an all expenses paid trip to somewhere. There may be ...

8. Making sure String does not exceeds 2000 bytes in Oracle database table column

Want to truncate error string so it for sure fits into Oracle table column VARCHAR2(2000 BYTE) Design forces:

  1. The main goal is to fit to the table column.
  2. 90-95% of string text is ...

9. Best Java data structure to store a 3 column oracle table? 3 column array? or double map?

What is the best data structure to store an oracle table that's about 140 rows by 3 columns. I was thinking about a multi dimensional array. By best I do not ...

10. Index on date type column in oracle not used when query is run from java

i have a table containing 15+ million records in oracle. its sort of a log table which has a created_ts column of type "date" . i have a simple ...

11. Why is Oracle so slow when I pass a java.sql.Timestamp for a DATE column?

I have a table with a DATE column with time (as usual in Oracle since there isn't a TIME type). When I query that column from JDBC, I have two options:

  • Manually ...

12. Why would number columns' scale and/or precision differ in JDBC from Oracle 10 to 11?

For our database development we have on one hand a full schema DDL script, for scratch installs, and on the other a set of sequential "delta" scripts, for upgrades (each script ...

13. how to clear individual columns in oracle?

i wrote a java app that communicates and stores data in oracle; my question is how do i clear entered information from individual columns in oracle? for example, say i have ...

14. alias all column in a query with a prefix

it's possible to alias all column with a prefix, in a select? I have a group of tables in an Oracle db that I need to join together, and most of them ...

15. What is the limit on number of columns in Oracle 10G and Derby Databases

Until recently I thought limit on number of columns in Oracle DB was 255. But turns out the limit is 1000. Can someone confirm this? Also I was trying to find if ...

16. When would isSearchable return false for an Oracle JDBC column?

In what cases would a call to java.sql.ResultSetMetaData.isSearchable(int col) return false for an Oracle database? The documentation for the method doesn't really answer the question:

"Indicates whether the designated column ...

17. DatabaseMetaData.getTables() returns how many columns?

I was playing around with the DatabaseMetaData class to see how it works. The java doc comments seem to state one thing, while the code does a different. I ...

18. Data Retrieval - Performance with CLOB Columns in Oracle

I have a table in Oracle that is currently storing close a Million Records. This table is having 2 CLOB columns that store XML data. I also have a search screen ...

19. How do I move zip file to blob column in Java?

I have a Java program that creates a number of xml file and then zips them up and saves them to the file system. Later in the program I want ...

20. Oracle metadata to store column titles/labels

Does Oracle have a column metadata for storing its printable friendly label? Say I have a column named prodDesc. I would like to be able to pull a column label such as ...

21. ResultSet.getString() on VARCHAR2 column returns empty string

Disclaimer: I don't actually know anything about nether Oracle nor Java. The issue is in a project that some other developer completed at some point in time and then left the ...

22. How to Get non nullable Columns of a Table using java?

I am trying to get the non-nullable columns of a table through a java code.... Can anyone help me?

23. Ibatis , oracle and how to map a old procedure that return "columns"

I have the next procedure

CREATE OR REPLACE Package PC.PCS_Material_Pkg 
TYPE Code_material_of_arr IS TABLE OF Number(30) INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;
TYPE Desc_Material_Of_arr IS TABLE OF Varchar2(240) INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;
Procedure PCS_Material
   ( SRV_Message ...

24. SQL How to return only a number of columns, say the first 10 without specifying them in the SQL query

I've got an oracle database and a table that has a lot of columns and rows.. I want to return onl the first 10 columns to my JTables but I don't ...

25. Inserting BigDecimal =>Varchar2 column VS BigDecimal=>Number column

I was doing some tests, where I inserted some records of java bigDecimal to a varchar2 column in Oracle. What I wanted to do was insert java bigDecimal to number column ...

26. writing byte array to a raw column in oracle

I want to write a byte array to a raw column in oracle.

byte[] bArray = new byte[16];
stmt = fConnection.prepareStatement(query);
I want to do something like:
stmt.setBinaryStream(1, bArray );
However, I couldn't figure out ...

27. Oracle Database: how to move table create$java$LOB$TABLE into a new table space, this table has a LOB column

I need move table create$java$LOB$TABLE (only has 1 row data, and 1 column is LOB column) in a user schema to new table sapce, Why can't I drop it and recreate ...

28. retreive oracle database Date column in java using Calendar Instance and compare with today's date

I have Oracle database with Date column in it and I want to retrive it from recordset using Calendar since I want to compare it with today's date which is built ...

29. How to make the resultset returned from oracle keeps its column aliases characters case

I am trying to querying some sql statment againest oracle database. I am using Java ResultSetMetaData to get column alias names (through: rsmd.getColumnLable() ) The query looks like: select part_id partId, part_num partNumber from ...

30. How to convert characterset of column in Oracle

I have a table in which our service provider insert UNICODE data but my oracle characterset is WE8ISO8859P1. Now to get that data i used following function of oracle but it is ...

31. What is wrong with my Oracle SQL statement? I keep getting a column not allowed here error?

Okay, so what is wrong with my SQL*Plus statement? As far as I can tell everything should be working?

   //get parameters from the request
 String custID=request.getParameter("cust_ID");
 String saleID=request.getParameter("sale_ID");
 String ...

32. What does the following Oracle error mean: invalid column index

I got the following error while testing some code:

SQLException: Invalid column index
What exactly does that mean? Is there an online document explaining what all the Oracle error codes ...

33. Inserting national characters into an oracle NCHAR or NVARCHAR column does not work

When inserting strings in an oracle database, some national characters are replaced with question marks, even though they are inserted in an NCHAR or NVARCHAR column - that should be able to ...

34. Storing XML data in database - many tables vs dumping xml in a column

I want to store an xml that I receive in my java web service. Reports would be run every 5 mins to pull some data in the xml elements. I thought of two ...

35. DbUnit doesnt see Oracle column NoSuchColumnException

DbUnit settings:

DatabaseConfig config = connection.getConfig();
config.setProperty(DatabaseConfig.FEATURE_SKIP_ORACLE_RECYCLEBIN_TABLES, true);
config.setProperty(DatabaseConfig.PROPERTY_DATATYPE_FACTORY, new;
    @DataSet(value="ReportTest.testPropagationToChild.xml", loadStrategy=RefreshLoadStrategy.class)
    public void testPropagationToChild() {

36. How to improve performance while update column Clob in oracle?

I used the following codes to update column Clob in oracle, it seems to be okay and work properly, after performance testing, it reported that need consumed more than 200ms while ...

37. Java - Oracle - DB Insert - Timestamp to Date column

I have a table column of data type DATE. I am inserting through Java PreparedStatement , how can I store timestamp also when inserting? Is it possible to store time stamp ...

38. JDBC ResultSet get columns with table alias

Imagine I have a query like

SELECT * from table1 a, table2 b where (WHATEVER)
Maybe both tables have the same column name. So I though it would be nice to access ...

39. Why it says "java.sql.SQLException: invalid column name"

I'm trying to get results from DB

        String strCommand = "select TO_CHAR (realdate, 'YYYYMMDD'), PURCHASE_PRICE, SELLING_PRICE from CURRENCY_VI where RATE_NAME='EUR'";


40. Delete Row from Oracle table by passing table name and column name

I have jsp page where user selects table name, column name and column value, with those three condtion I want to delete all matching row from the database. Is there a ...

41. How to extract an XML document from a BLOB column in Oracle thats been compressed in Java

I have a table in Oracle 11G (11.1) that has a BLOB column containing XML documents. The XML document has been written to the table using a java program and has been ...

42. AutoIncrement the column in Oracle using jdbc

I want to add a trigger that will keep on updating autoincrement column by 1 as I think there is no direct way to autoincrement the column in oracle. you have ...

43. How to insert into TIMESTAMP Column Values in oracle using JDBC PreparedStatement

String s1 = "create table crawler " +
            "(id number NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, " +

44. How to insert a CLOB column using dbUtils in oracle10g

I can insert a clob using:

Reader clobReader = new StringReader(fileString);
stmt.setCharacterStream(1, clobReader, clob.length());
int num = stmt.executeUpdate();
I want to use dbUtils to finish it.
run.update(conn, "insert into fileservice(id,filedata)values('1234','ddd',?)",new Object[]{fileString});
fileString is a large ...

45. SQL result table with Joined row items if the other columns are the same. Help?

Here is my problem: This is the current result:

    |   Name   |  Alias  |   Role   |

46. Java: How to get all columns' names from an Oracle table

How can I get all columns' names from an Oracle table using Java? Is there a way to get them from DatabaseMetaData object?

DatabaseMetaData myDatabaseMetaData = myConnection.getMetaData();
I know I can get them using ...

47. Oracle tables and columns created only in UPPERCASE

This is completely off-topic here - this forum is for discussing the use of the NetBeans IDE, not for general Java or JPA questions. Using lowercase table names would require the use of quoted identifiers in the CREATE TABLE statements - I have not idea how this would be done using JPA. But I would strongly suggest you do not do ...

49. Long column in Oracle

55. some value too large for some column and getting a SQL trace from Oracle, a 30 year old database

Hi, I'm using WebLogic 10 and Oracle 10. I'm getting an error message from Oracle saying nothing more than something like this: "some value is too large for some column in some table. There is some precision problem". There is no information about the value that I'm trying to insert/update. There is no information about the column I try to insert/update. ...

56. difficulty in inserting value into oracle "long" datatype column

Hi Tapas, As Ireneusz said long data type is not supported since Oracle 8, use lobs instead of long type. But, Also with long it should be working. There may be a problem with your "bai" stream. Or may be a driver problem. This is my test: Oracle 11g R1 database (NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8) create table xxcm.xxcm_test_long_table ( num_col number(8), char_col varchar2(500), ...

58. In Oracle, write SELECT query that will return metadata information for the oracle table's columns?

I have been searching on internet about as mentioned in the PROBLEM SUMMARY but no luck. I like to know how to write SELECT query that will return metadata information for the oracle table's columns? I will pass TABLE name as a parameter and then SELECT query should return following metadata information. 1) COLUMN NAME 2) COLUMN TYPE (number or varcahar2 ...

59. java.sql.SQLException: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00904: invalid column name

private void jButton1MouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) { String user= new String(jTextField1.getText()); String pass= new String(jPasswordField1.getPassword()); if(a<4) { Connection con = null; String driver="sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"; String user1 = "scott"; String pass1 = "tiger"; try{ Class.forName(driver); con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:login",user1,pass1); Statement s=con.createStatement(); ResultSet password=s.executeQuery("Select pass from login where username="+user); if(pass.contentEquals(password.getString(1))) { a=0; JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(rootPane, "Access Granted"); ResultSet access=s.executeQuery("Select access_power from login where username="+user); access_power=access.getString(1); new Exam_Season().setVisible(true); this.setVisible(false); } ...

60. Problems updating blob columns on Oracle 9

Hi folks I'm trying to update a BLOB column in this way... public boolean saveBlob(String pUpdate, String pData) { boolean retValue = false; PreparedStatement stmt = null; try { InputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(pData.getBytes()); stmt = connection.prepareStatement(pUpdate); stmt.setBlob(1,in); stmt.executeQuery(); retValue = true; in = null; } catch(SQLException e) { retValue = false; System.out.println(e); } finally { stmt = null; return retValue; ...

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