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1. SET SCAN OFF with Thin Driver    stackoverflow.com

I use DbUnit to populate test database with test data before executing tests. Fragment of my ant script:

<taskdef name="dbunit" classname="org.dbunit.ant.DbUnitTask" classpath="dbunit-2.2.jar" />

    <target name="load">

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I want to dump my test db into the raw xml file using dbunit and I'm getting ClassCastException. Below the code:

new FlatXmlWriter(new FileOutputStream("expected_ds.xml")).
        write(getDbunitConnection().createDataSet(new ...

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It seems to be a simple question. I have some unitils tests in a spring application. The database contains some oracle views and i just want to insert dataset into these ...

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I'm using dbUnit to put test data in DB with dataset like

        <TABLE_1 PRIMARY_KEY_COL="10000001" OTHER_COL="Some Text"/>

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Hey everyone...wondering if I might be able to get help or pointed in the right direction to put this post. I'm just starting off using DBUNIT and I have everything all setup with my dataset but my database uses Oracle XMLType object on one of the column's in a 9I database. When I try to insert a new record into the ...