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If you're looking for a magic solution that will upload excel sheet into a database in one line of code, you can pretty much stop looking. Keep in mind, databases are far more structured than excel files. For example, excel files can have header lines, footers, and filled with all different calculations on a single sheet. Databases, on the other hand, ...

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The easiest way might be to to use odbc. You can use excel's Get External Data functionality to fill the spreadsheet with Oracle's data. Excel provides a refresh button. When the user presses it, the spreadsheet is refreshed from Oracle's data. Another way is to use Oracle Discoverer. It allows you to query the databace and export the result to excel ...

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I understood that I should use Apache POI API for my application in order to convert database tables to excel. Do I need to do any pre-configuration for that? like writing an xml file... or that kind of stuff?? and one more thing.. how do I get the javadocs download for Apache POI?

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yep. data can be moved from anywhere to anywhere, with enough effort. if you're aksing for a quick code snippet to do this, then, no, that's not going to happen. you're actually looking at several distinct problems here 1) get data from excel sheet 2) handle fact that it has chines characters 3) put data into oracle there's no magical "ExcelManager.exportToOracle(Characters.CHINESE);" ...