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I've looked around for a good example of this, but I haven't run into one yet. I want to pass a custom string array from java to oracle and back, ...

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I tried to create a pivot table created from a table in Oracle 10g. here is the table structure :


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I'm coming up against an unexpected daylight savings time problem in code I thought was purely UTC. I'm using Java 1.6, the iBatis SQL mapper (2.3.3), and Oracle XE (an ...

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I've been trying to select a list of values from XMLs stored in an XMLType column but I keep getting the errors which are listed at the tail end of this post. The select ...

5. Specify IBatis query timeout    stackoverflow.com

There is a way to specify IBatis query timeout using oracle jdbc and Java? Thanks

6. Ibatis+Oracle: How to update a float value    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to update a float value in oracle database, but the saved value is only the integer part of the float value. I'm using the expression

update TABLE

7. Ibatis Ref Curosr issue with Oracle    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Java and Ibatis to call a stored procedure on on oracle database. I seem to be having an issue setting up with parameters. The store procedure looks like the ...

8. iBatis.NET to insert record with Oracle stored procedure, return record ID    stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to insert a record in an Oracle table with a Function, which would be called through iBatis.NET. Function works as expected in Oracle when called directly. I have tried ...

9. IBATIS TypeHandlerCallback getResult(ResultGetter getter) for converting EST time to UTC time    stackoverflow.com

Thanks for the solution,but its not working out for me. I am dealing with a scenario where I am setting date(with time and timezone information) in the oracle database.I use Ibatis ...

10. PLSQL stored procedure returning sysrefcursor    stackoverflow.com

I have code stored procedure that returns sysrefcursor as the OUT parameter.





11. iBATIS's SqlMapper.Update method is returning -1    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to Oracle and iBATIS. I have an update procedure in a package in the DB. If I call the Update method of an SqlMapper object to execute this procedure, ...

12. How to escape XPath for Oracle XMLDB queries in MyBatis?    stackoverflow.com

I have the following query in MyBatis:

<select id="getTitles" resultclass="string">
    select title from books where XMLEXISTS('$$BOOK/BOOK/INFO[TITLE=#value#] PASSING BOOK AS "BOOK")
which gives an Invalid column index exception. I have escaped ...

13. How to set program name in ibatis config XML?    stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to set the program name to something other than "jdbc thin client" using the iBatis dao config. From my dao XML config file:

<transactionManager type="JDBC">
    <dataSource type="DBCP">

14. How do you write arrays to an Oracle 10g XE db using iBatis?    stackoverflow.com

I have looked for the answer to this high and low but cannot get the answer. Basically I have an object I am writing to my db using iBatis. This works fine ...

15. oracle collection as function return type    stackoverflow.com

We have a database function to cache sequence values. It accepts a sequence object name and a fetch size, increments the sequence and return the values. The return type is a ...

16. ibatis access oracle long type data    stackoverflow.com

I used ibatis 2 with the following code:

X_long b = (X_long) getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryForObject("select_long", id);
and mapping:
<select id="select_long"
  select id, txt from x_long

17. Save and Load UTF-8 From Oracle 10g with iBatis    stackoverflow.com

I'm making a web app that needs to load and save UTF-8 (Korean, specifically) characters from a DB. I've been given an account on the Oracle 10g server, but it ...

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I have a good insert statement which has 9 parameters, but for some reason iBatis generates only 6 for a particular object. For all other it generates 9, as it should.
Could ...

19. Retreieve CLOB data using Ibatis 2.3    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to retrieve a clob data from the oracle database as shown in reports.xml.i am using oracle jdbc driver version "Oracle JDBC Driver version -" . The following ...

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Have an existing C# .NET code base that is currently coded to directly access Oracle's ODP.NET API for database access. We're interested in doing some refactoring in this area of the ...