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I'm getting an Exception while trying to insert a row in oracle table. I'm using ojdbc5.jar for oracle 11 this is the sql i'm trying

INSERT INTO rule_definitions(RULE_DEFINITION_SYS,rule_definition_type,
and i get following Exception. Any ...

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I have a circumstance where a JDBC connection places the Oracle session to which it is attached into a particular state (i.e. DBMS_FLASHBACK enabled mode). It's possible for the exit of ...

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We're getting this random warning from JBoss.. any idea why? It happens at random times when there are no active threads. Everything works when any processing resumes.

13:49:31,764 WARN  [JBossManagedConnectionPool] ...

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We are using JBoss 4 and Oracle with a JNDI datasource configured via JBoss datasource XML file. Recently realized that all connections acquired from the datasource by default has the auto-commit property ...

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I'm using Oracle server and we are testing Java Application Servers in order to chose the most appropriate for our needs. So far we managed to get OpenEJB and GlassFish ...

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i'm new to jboss, i wish to setup a development server on my local machine to be used with netbeans, under windows xp; I need to install the oracle jdbc driver ...

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I have a web application which executes oracle stored procedures and shows the results on a browser. The technology stack is as follows: Browser <-> spring mvc <-> [(tomcat)jboss] <-jdbc-> oracle. The stored ...

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How to set prefetch size in either oracle connection url or in jboss datasource file?


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10. Oracle 10g RAC Configuration, JBOSS    coderanch.com

Yes we are able to login to the database server. The driver classpath is set as well but we are using classes12.zip, can that be a issue with Orace 10g ?? Do we need to use different database driver in case of Oracle RAC, if yes request you to kindly provide the driver details that needs to be used. Thanks