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1. Does anybody know what encrypting technique is JDeveloper/SQL Developer using to persist credentials?    stackoverflow.com

I'd be more than interesting for me to understand which technique is being used here to persist sensible data since I'm needing to implement a similar solution. Here's a sample connection ...

2. "Parameter type conflict" when calling Java Stored Procedure within another Java Stored Procedure    stackoverflow.com

Here's the problem (sorry for the bad english): i'm working with JDeveloper and Oracle10g, and i have a Java Stored Procedure that is calling another JSP like the code:

int sd = 0;

try ...

3. How to use Array in Oracle's bpelx:exec BPEL extension    stackoverflow.com

I have created a BPEL process in which there are two java Embed Activity.and we have on varibale(array type) at BPEL process level. following is the array variable xsd.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<schema ...

4. Oracle's JDeveloper 11g IDE    forums.oracle.com

When I had initially heard about Oracle buying Sun, I was very pleased. I knew they had a good business reputation, but hadn't heard much about their technology reputation. I had heard some really good things about Oracle DB, so I figured that - in general - they were pretty solid technically. Perhaps they are, but after having played with this ...

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