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1. How should I configure Jetty 7 pre3 to use oracle JDBC source?    stackoverflow.com

All stuff is running under Windows XP Pro SP2/32-bit. I have downloaded Jetty 7 pre3 from http://dist.codehaus.org/jetty/jetty-7.0.0-prereleases/jetty-7.0.0pre3/jetty-assembly-7.0.0pre3.zip>dist.codehaus.org.
I have extracted jetty to C:\jetty-7.0.0pre3\ (so I have C:\jetty-7.0.0pre3\bin\ and other dirs)
I have put my ...

2. Oracle Oc4j 10i JNDI Datasource lookup problem    stackoverflow.com

I am facing a JNDI Datasource lookup problem in Oracle OC4JAS 10i deployment. This problem occurs only in quartz scheduler job. any ideas?

3. How to connect data base using jndi datasource in weblogic    stackoverflow.com

How to connect data base using jndi datasource in weblogic. i am using following code but it is giving null value for connection

Context ctx = null;
    Hashtable evn ...

4. Connect to Oracle with JNDI Environment Context    coderanch.com

Thanks for the reference. Have read this documentation before. Did check the honor global transactions. Believe that I am already doing what is in the documentation, but am obviously missing something. Am using a thin Oracle Driver - does this make a difference? Some of the code example create an Environment object and then create a context from that - see ...