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I am receiving an error from the Oracle JDBC driver (ojdbc14_g.jar) when trying to obtain a connection to a 10g database. The driver has an oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleLog class which could help but ...

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I’m building a J2EE web application which uses Oracle SSO with an OID back-end as the means for authenticating users. If a user wants to use the application, first he must provide ...

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Environment Various applications that use jdbc connection pool: WebLogic 8 (and higher) and Tomcat 6 application servers, various versions of Oracle Database (from to on various platforms (RHEL 5.5, Solaris 9, Solari 10 ...

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I have currently implemented a java swing application. In that application I have used java.util.logging to log things in to a text file. But It is difficult to go through the ...

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I am having some problems with an Hibernate Criteria query causing a outOfIndex error at driver level, I am pretty sure the problem is at the driver as I have being ...

6. Oracle error log file    stackoverflow.com

I'm running following block in Oracle (what does it do is not so important)

and getting following error:
ORA-29532: ...

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I want to know is it possible to log in to an existing oracle database through firefox plugin?

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All, I have to redesign an existing logging system being used in web application. The existing system reads an Excel sheet for records, processes(data validation) it, records the error messages for each ...

9. oracle.toplink.essentials logging to log4j    forums.netbeans.org

Hi It seems that I may need to use EclipseLink for JPA but I can't find EclipseLink in my Netbeans 6.5 upgraded to 6.7 install How is EclipseLink added to Netbeans? ...

10. Logging Oracle Prepared/Callable Statements    coderanch.com

Does anyone know of a simple way of logging an Oracle prepared/callable statement? I tried calling toString() but all I receive is the object reference. I believe the Oracle libraries have some functionality for producing their own logs but I'd rather a simpler solution which allows me to log just what I need. Thanks

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