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I am pulling dates out of an Oracle database. They are set on a java.util.Date field and they are in reality java.sql.Timestamp instances (which is a subclass of Java.util.Date). If I ...

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I'm making a request from a java webapp to an Oracle' stored procedure which happens to have a Timestamp IN parameter. The way info travels is something like: javaWebApp --} webservice client --} ...

3. PreparedStatement and setTimestamp in oracle jdbc    stackoverflow.com

I am using PreparedStatement with Timestamp in where clause:

PreparedStatement s=c.prepareStatement("select value,utctimestamp from t where utctimestamp>=? and utctimestamp<?"); 
s.setTimestamp(1, new Timestamp(1273017600000L));   //2010-05-05 00:00 GMT
s.setTimestamp(2, new Timestamp(1273104000000L));   //2010-05-06 00:00 ...

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To which Java data types can (or should) my application map Oracle column types TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE or TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE? Can the ...

5. Problem with strange exception in java and oracle    stackoverflow.com

I've got the next code:

package model.composite;

import java.util.Date;
import Nwt.Registro;
import java.sql.ResultSet;

import annotations.DateFormatAnnotation;

 * Clase que declara el tipo de registro para manejar la informaciĆ³n del turno de servicio.
 * @author xx357

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I'm analysing Oracle execution plans and found an astonishing fact. Check out this query. The hint is just to display that I have an index and I'd expect Oracle to use ...

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I suddenly noticed that Oracle JDBC driver that I was using With Oracle 11g R2 was thinking that daylight savings time in US started after 2:59:59 am on March 13th this ...

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From a Java program i want to query Min record Timestamp for a set of records from Oracle DB and then use it to update the record that had min Create ...

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Hi all, I want to copy date from one table to another with column type like eg: BLOB, CLOB, RAW, TimeStamp data. But when i am going to update timestamp datatype in target table its giving error: Internal Error: Unable to construct a Datum from the specified input giving some code for understanding clearly- rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT COUNT(*) AS rowcount FROM ...

13. how to convert oracle timestamp to java timestamp    forums.oracle.com

Also if you have time, check out O/R mapping frameworks like Hibernate or iBatis etc. The frameworks make it very easy to perform data type conversion. In Hibernate, there's a XML mapping file that maps one table to a JavaBean, the JavaBean uses java.util.Date for (Date, Time and Timestamp) , and in the XML mapping file you can specify either Hibernate ...

14. Oracle Timestamp to MySql Timestamp ??    forums.oracle.com

1.Take the timestamp from resultset as a date object; rs.getDate(index); 2.Make a SimpleDateFormat object, passing the timestamp format of MySql as format string to it. 3. pass the date object to the fomat method of SimpleDateFormat object instance, you will be getting a formatted string of that date in return. 4. use this returned string in your query for MySql.

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