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1. Creating triggers over JDBC (oracle)

Does anyone know how to get triggers created over JDBC. It appears that the problem is to do with the semicolon. Any feedback much appreciated. The following SQL works when run on ...

2. Writing Triggers or implementing actions by programming?

I am a newbie. I am writing an application in Java which connects to Oracle 9i database. I need to enforce some rules in my application like: Chair of Committee A must ...

3. How to send arbitrary parameters to Oracle trigger?

The purpose is to send extra information to triggers like current user id from a web application. Since a connection pool is used, and same user id is used for all ...

4. using triggers for ensuring data consistency

I have a hierarchical structure stored in a table. Each element has a pointer to its previous, next and a parent

create table CATALOGUE
  NAME VARCHAR2(300) not null,

5. What could be the reasons for an Oracle trigger to fail?

First, let me explain shortly how my application is working: The application handles deals, which are stored as an XML document in our database (Oracle 11g). The table that contains these information ...

6. Call Java program from Oracle database trigger

I have a oracle database table which records user's status. I have thousands of such users. Every time a user's status is updated/modified, I want to synchronize immediately over HTTP to ...

7. Oracle trigger

10. Invoke Java from Insert trigger in Oracle 9i