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1. Understanding character encoding in typical Java web app    stackoverflow.com

Some pseudocode:

String a = "A bunch of text"; //UTF-16
saveTextInDb(a); //Write to Oracle VARCHAR(15) column
String b = readTextFromDb(); //UTF-16
out.write(b); //Write to http response
When you save the Java String (UTF-16) to Oracle VARCHAR(15) ...

2. How do i save unicodes through java in oracle    stackoverflow.com

Assuming that thefollowing three strings make up a word in chinese how do i store all these together in a single field(as one word) in the oracle

 String code="\u6B32 ";

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I have replaced ojdbc14.jar with ojdbc5- in my Java project because I need to move the support to Java 1.5 but since then all the unicode characters only allow half the ...

4. Read Unicode chars and insert into Oracle DB    coderanch.com

Guys, I am having a file in which some of the text was in Unicode format. I want to read this file in Java and insert into oracle database. The following is the code for reading the unicode string from the file. public String loadString(String filename) { StringBuffer text = new StringBuffer(); FileInputStream instream; BufferedInputStream buffer; int readint; try { instream ...

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