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I'm drawing a design for a system to do daily business functions for my company. It will consist of a Oracle 10g database with Pl/SQL packages and a Java-based web ...

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We have a vendor application where we download their updates and deploy a war file. We are deploying the war file on a unix application server running oracle application server ...

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I have created 2 procedure and a java source One procedure is calling java class TestHostCommand

  (p_command IN Varchar2)
    NAME 'TestHostCommand.executeCommand(java.lang.String)';
Java ...

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Application(Java/J2ee) is using Oracle Application server 10g running in RHEL 5 OS. Any help will be appreciate

Exception Name: com.evermind.server.rmi.OrionRemoteException
Exception Message: Transaction was rolled back: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError; nested exception is: 

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I have created a PL/SQL a Java Source, and privileges have been granted. The PL/SQL procedure is executing and no error is coming up. Within the JavaSource there is the following unix command: ls ...

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I have an java application which manipulate with database and my java version in sco openserver 5 is 1.3.1_22 So , i downloaded classes12.jar to use as OracleDriver to Oracle Database 11R2 But when ...

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DBA , i have heard is montonous job too with same routine backups,no creativity with nightshifts and all, but it is more stable as people said. I have no experiance of it. Then you should talk to a DBA for clarification. Most DBA's I know are also PL/SQL, T/SQL developers. I'm a software engineer and I have had plenty of late ...