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1. How to set list of parameters on prepared statement?

i have a list of names e.g.:

List<String> names = ...
and a statement:
PreparedStatement stmt = 
  conn.prepareStatement('select * from person where name in ( ? )');
how to do the following:
Is there ...

2. Using a PreparedStatement to persist an array of Java Enums to an array of Postgres Enums

I have a Java Enum:

public enum Equipment { Hood, Blinkers, ToungTie, CheekPieces, Visor, EyeShield, None;}
and a corresponding Postgres enum:
CREATE TYPE equipment AS ENUM ('Hood', 'Blinkers', 'ToungTie', 'CheekPieces', 'Visor', 'EyeShield', 'None');
Within my ...

3. proper way to set PreparedStatement parameter to null under postgres

im using JDBC4 (over JDK6) to connect to postgresql 9.0 using their latest JDBC4 driver.

conn = dpaDs.getConnection();
PreparedStatement stmt = conn.prepareStatement("delete from fss where f_id=? and f_lastmodified=?");
UUID target = UUID.fromString("8c5c5ac2-3a2a-49f3-ae48-29226d6ea3e7");
stmt.setObject(1, target, 1111);
//non ...

4. Any way to *not* use server-side prepared statements in Postgresql?

In (say) Python, I can issue:

psycopg2.connect(...).cursor().execute("select * from account where id='00100000006ONCrAAO'")
which on the server results in the following log entries:
2011-07-18 18:56:08 PDT LOG:  duration: 6.112 ms  statement: select * ...

5. How do you properly escape strings without PreparedStatement?

I'm using the Statement's for executeUpdate and executeQuery. The string values I'm concatenating into the SQL query can contain at least the '\ character as well as Unicode. PreparedStatement seems to do ...

7. Insert data that SAXParser give into database

I have the following java class:

 public class Gengi {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception

8. Postgres - ERROR: prepared statement "S_1" already exists

When executing batch queries via JDBC to pgbouncer, I get the following error:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: prepared statement "S_1" already exists
I've found bug reports around the web, but they all seem to deal ...

9. Java Crosstab - preparedstatement query

I have a typical crosstab query with static parameters. It works fine with createStatement. I want to use preparestatement to query instead.

         String ...

10. Constraint Exclusion With PreparedStatments - PostgreSQL

According to PostgreSQL documentation section: 5.9.6. Caveats

Constraint exclusion only works when the query's WHERE clause contains constants. A parametrized query will not be optimized, since the ...

11. Why is the PostgreSQL JDBC prepared statement threshold defaulted to 5?

By default, the parameter statement treshold is set to 5, instead of 1. That is,

((PGStatement) my_statement).getPrepareThreshold()
always returns 5 by default. What would be the reason for that? Why would I want ...

12. Postgresql transaction handling with java

i have two blocks of queries with preparedStatement. This is first :

String sql = "update cikan_malzeme set miktar = ? where proje_id = ? and malzeme_id = ?";
PreparedStatement prep = dbConnect.connection.prepareStatement(sql);
prep.setFloat(1, ...

13. PostgreSQL prepared statement failure