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1. PgSQL Exception: column name not found

I am using postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc4.jar with jdk 1.6 in my application to do the db operations. I am getting the below exceptions at sometimes and doing restart helps to avoid this exceptions ...

2. How to invertly select columns in sql?

If I have a SQL table with columns:

NR_A, NR_B, NR_C, NR_D, R_A, R_B, R_C
and on runtime, I add columns following the column's sequence such that the next column above would be ...

3. How do I sort a VARCHAR column in PostgreSQL that contains words and numbers?

I need to order a select query using a varchar column, using numerical and text order. The query will be done in a java program, using jdbc over postgresql. If I use ...

4. What Postgresql column type should i use to store a Java BigDecimal?

What Postgresql column type should i use to store a Java BigDecimal? Thanks in advance, David

5. saving/loading generic java type to postgresql database column

I'm trying to implement some simple auditing functionality for my java app. Here's a snippet of my audit class:

public class Audit<C, T> {
    public final Class<C> modifiedClass;

6. postgresql / greenplum parameter binding on jdbc, why does it think its a column name?

I have a query that looks something like this:

FROM tableone A, tabletwo B
AND B.C = :p_name
When the param :p_name is set to FOO ...

7. It's possible in PostgreSQL to update a column if an attribute already exists?

Possible Duplicate:
Insert, on duplicate update (postgresql)
I have a table that only has two coluns, pageId(that is a reference to another table) and a relevancy. ...

8. jdbc : postgres and quoted column names

Is there any way to determine in JDBC that a column or table has been created using "" notation? The metadata get columns does not seem to return such information. PS: our ...

9. Get the name of a Column (PostgreSQL)

How can I get the name of the first column out of a table in PostgresSQL? I know how to get them all but how do I separate the first one from ...

10. Compare table columns based on their relative position

I have a problem with comparing two selects in PostgreSQL. I'm executing these selects by JDBC, then create new tables by inserting data from the result set to new table. I ...

11. PostgreSQL resultSet.getLong() results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when column type is bigint

i have a view in PostgreSQL 9.1 with a column of type bigint. This type should be mapped to Long in Java but actually is mapped to BigInteger. So

results in ...