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1. AbstractMethodError when invoking createArrayOf, with postgresql 8.4 jdbc4 and JBoss 5.1GA    stackoverflow.com

when using this method

public List<Field> getFieldWithoutId(List<Integer> idSections) throws Exception {
    try {
        Connection conn = this.getConnection();

2. Hanging PostgreSQL Processes    stackoverflow.com

We are running an JEE web application in JBoss that is using PostgreSQL 8.0.9 as the database. One page in the application runs a big and complicated query when it is ...

3. connection pooling example using postgresql 5.0 and jboss needed    coderanch.com

Usually Datasource Connection Pool is created by deploying a XML file ends with the prefix "-ds"... You can find sample "-ds.xml" files in jboss docs folder which is shipped along with the server package. Path is "docs\examples\jca"... Postgresql ds sampe file can be found... And fill in the corresponding DB Details and put it in "deploy" folder and datasource is created... ...