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1. Out Of Memory using Postgres in Java

Well, we have a web app, running over JBoss and we're having an "OutOfMemory" error when trying to insert a lot of rows in several tables of a postgres DB. This is ...

2. jdbc + large postgresql query give out of memory

I'm trying to execute a postgresql query which returns a large result:

st = connection.createStatement(
System.out.println("start query ");
rs = st.executeQuery(queryString);
System.out.println("done query ");
but this uses a lot of memory:
Free memory; ...

3. out of memory exception in RMI

Dear all, I am using java rmi for my program, from client side i am calling my interface method by passing single argument. Using this argument interface runs a query and returns ...

4. Memory cache options for postgres and java

Running a last db server jersey applications and I need to start thinking about memory caching. The majority of the db commands are only updated once a day. There is an opportinity ...

5. Memory usage of PostgreSQL connection is increasing in execution

I have a webcrawler thar uses a connection pool to connect to database and insert pages. I saw that the memory usage is increasing while the program executes. I guess that I ...

6. org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: out of shared memory

I am calling a function having more than 200 DROP Table Statements using JAVA and I am getting org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: out of shared memory. What approach should i follow in order to ...