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1. Huge result sets

It sounds to me like this might be a coding issue rather than a JDBC/technology issue, can you post the code that you are working with and highlight the line that is throwing the error? If it was a JDBC error though, you can use setFetchSize() to limit the size of the results.

2. Why result set Interation takes huge amount of time

Hello Everyone, I am using Derby as my project's embedded database. In the database, there are several tables storing 64k nodes related information. After trying to issue a query (contains four table joins) against database, I found that it took huge amount of time waiting for the step "" to be completed (I put some printout msgs before and after that ...

3. Handling huge result from DB fetch

One way to solve this, IMO, is to fetch the records from the DB in smaller chunks (say 1 lakh records in each fetch or even smaller count). How can I do this (meaning what API method to use)? I see there's something called setFetchSize() in ResultSet API but that would fetch "in total" only that number of records. Kindly suggest ...