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1. SQLiteJDBC and PreparedStatement to use pragma table_info

I'm utilizing Java and SQLiteJDBC to work with SQLite. I need to access name of columns for a given table and I've found that I could accomplish this with ...

2. Where to create a prepared statement with JDBC?

Consider to following method that read data from some data-structure (InteractionNetwork) and writes them to a table in an SQLite database using an SQLite-JDBC dirver:

private void loadAnnotations(InteractionNetwork network) throws ...

3. How can I get an error or a warning from a PreparedStatement?

I had an update like this:

update table set col1=?,col2=?,col3=? where col4=?;
and I filled it up like this:
and I forgot to add a fourth value.I did a executeUpdate and of course nothing ...

4. SQLite prepared statements alternative for escaping

I have implemented an SQLite database on a BlackBerry mobile device. My problem is that the BlackBerry API is very limited, and does not offer prepared statements. Therefore, I am ...

5. PreparedStatement set value on multiple indexes

I have the problem with a prepared statement like this:

select ... from ... where xy = ? and foo = ? and bla = ?
can i set a string for every ...