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1. Can't return row id 17 by getGeneratedKeys()

I'm using sqlite JDBC 0.56 and the table is created using fts3 MY table is created by

stat.executeUpdate("CREATE virtual TABLE doc using fts3 (doc_name , doc_path);");
seems the problem is caused by this virtual ...

2. Delete a row where its primary key is closest to X

I am attempting to delete a row, whose primary key(column name=version) for example is 4.002000000000001. So I give say the statement:

DELETE FROM tbl WHERE version=4.002;
Now right now this wont work, because ...

3. Fewer rows written than expected with SQLite

When I am performing an insert operation for more than 1,00,215 rows, then it writes only 1,00,105 rows. Is there problem of the buffer or cache memory? If this the problem then ...

4. SQL / SQLite, need query to check all of the strings in a column

I have a table with the following columns [itemdate][itemID][itemspecialid] itemID contains a string with multiple ideas, (ie. [54] [60] [96] [30]) as it is a set of IDs, only some entries have an ...

5. How do I insert rows containing Timestamp values, using

I'm trying to use to insert rows into a database. (The database in question is sqlite). I can create a table like this:

(def db {:classname "org.sqlite.JDBC"

6. How to optimize retrieval of most occurring values (hundreds of millions of rows)

I'm trying to retrieve some most occurring values from a SQLite table containing a few hundreds of millions of rows. The query so far may look like this:

SELECT value, COUNT(value) AS count ...