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1. java.sql.SQLException: SQL logic error or missing database, SQLite, JDBC    stackoverflow.com

I ahve created database connection with SQLite using JDBC in java. My sql statements execute properly. But sometimes I get the following error while i use conn.commit() java.sql.SQLException: SQL logic error ...

2. java.sql.SQLException: database locked    stackoverflow.com

We are using sqlite056.jar in our code. While inserting into database in batch we are getting exception on line when we going to commit. Lines of Code

<object of Connection>.commit();
<object of Connection>.setAutoCommit(true);
java.sql.SQLException: ...

3. SQLException: no such table    stackoverflow.com

now I got some trouble connecting to my database. I know the tables i am looking for exist because when I access them with the command line they can be queried. Probably ...

4. "IS NOT" syntax error in Java / SQLite application    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on an Java application with SQLite database. I have to execute this query :

select * from service 
where (tache IS NOT 'I') 
AND (idequiv IS null OR idequiv ...

5. ERROR java.sql.SQLException: near "-": syntax error    stackoverflow.com

I am developing a Java tools to convert StarDict database to SQLite database for use with an Android Dictionary app. But I get the following error:

java.sql.SQLException: near "-": syntax error at
org.sqlite.DB.throwex(DB.java:288) ...