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1. Java and SQLite    stackoverflow.com

I'm attracted to the neatness that a single file database provides. What driver/connector library is out there to connect and use SQLite with Java. I've discovered a wrapper library, http://www.ch-werner.de/javasqlite, ...

2. Best Embedded SQL DB for write performance?    stackoverflow.com

Has anybody done any benchmarking/evaluation of the popular open-source embedded SQL DBs for performance, particularly write performance? I've some 1:1 comparisons for sqlite, Firebird Embedded, Derby and HSQLDB (others I ...

3. Running / compiling jdbc-sqlite on OSX 10.5    stackoverflow.com

I can't for the life of me get the library located here: http://www.xerial.org/trac/Xerial/wiki/SQLiteJDBC and zentus.com to run in native (JNI) mode on OSX 10.5. If I query the ...

4. Temporary in-memory database in SQLite    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible somehow to create in-memory database in SQLite and then destroy it just by some query? I need to do this for unit testing my db layer. So far I've ...

5. How to use SQLite database in JME?    stackoverflow.com

How to use SQLite dabase in JME?

6. best practices for using sqlite for a database queue    stackoverflow.com

I am using an sqlite database for a producer-consumer queue. One or more producers INSERT one row at a time with a new autoincremented primary key. There is one consumer (implemented in java, ...

7. Best way to access a sqlite database file in a web service    stackoverflow.com

First question from me on stack overflow. I have created a java web application containing a web service using netbeans (I hope a web application were the correct choice). I use the ...

8. How to use SQLite3 with Java    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to build a simple java program which creates a db file, then a table and inserts dummy values in the table. I found this page http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc/index.html ...

9. What do I need to use SQLite in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using SQLite for a simple attendance tracking application to be implemented in Java. I am using the driver found in http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc and I want to know if i ...

10. How do I convert this HTML text to an SQLite database?    stackoverflow.com

<hw>A*base"ment</hw> <tt>(#)</tt>, 
<ety>[Cf. F. <ets>abaissement</ets>.]</ety> 
<def>The act of abasing, humbling, or bringing low; the state of being abased or humbled;humiliation.</def>
I have a file with definitions of words like this, enclosed ...

11. sqlite database connection/locking question    stackoverflow.com

Folks I am implementing a file based queue (see my earlier question) using sqlite. I have the following threads running in background:

  1. thread-1 to empty out a memory structure into the "queue" ...

12. Alternative to ZIP as a project file format. SQLite or Other?    stackoverflow.com

My Java application is currently using ZIP as a project file format. The project files contain a few XML files and many image and sound files. The project files are getting ...

13. SQLite Data Types    stackoverflow.com

I am using SQLite in a Java application through Zentus. In this context I need to save and queries Java long values in my database. Coming from other RDBMS ...

14. readonly sqlite on a server    stackoverflow.com

A few people have asked about using sqlite on a server; obviously it's not a good choice if you have to write to the database. What I am wondering about, is how ...

15. Pure java sqlite library?    stackoverflow.com

I saw http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41233/java-and-sqlite, but what ones are made in pure java and are platform independent? Also which would be the best to start with? I have never used sqlite but ...

16. SQLite database file created from JDBC?    stackoverflow.com

I have created a SQLite database from Java. Now I want to know where it is stored physically on disk, so that I can use push that file on to Android. ...

17. Email cache database design    stackoverflow.com

Can you advice how to store email MessagePart hierarchy into database (SQLite)? Parts can be of different MIME type (text, image, etc). Also they can be multipart. The only way I see is ...

18. stop SQLite creating files if they don't exist - is there a JDBC property for this?    stackoverflow.com

I am imagining something like:

Google has so far failed me on this occasion; I am keen to avoid creating unnecessary files so any assistance on this would be much appreciated!

19. Split document into pages with titles (Was: tricky Question In java )    stackoverflow.com

I've a little tricky problem i'm trying to save pages of document in sqlite ..the thing is i want in certain points lets say when it find the font <font ...

20. Java+sqlite REAL field to String    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Sqlite with Java using SQLiteJDBC. When querying sqlite, I've found out that these two return different things:

String str = result.getDouble("field_name").toString();
String str = result.getString("field_name");
The latter implicitly rounds up ...

21. java + sqlite: how to open database as read-only?    stackoverflow.com

I have a large database that I want to open in read-only mode... I'm using SQLiteJDBC and am not sure what to use to get it to work as ...

22. What's the right way to integrate SQLite with my Java EE app?    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking to add a pretty simple SQLite database to an existing Java EE application. I'm very used to using EJBs, ORMs, EntityManager, etc. to work with SQL databases. I've never ...

23. SQLITE with Java against property files    stackoverflow.com

I have in my Java app lot off properties that I store in property files ( I read them a ot and write a lot, app is some sort of ide ...

24. Different results during Debug and Run configurations of JDBC-SQLite app    stackoverflow.com

/* Question answered */ Hi, I am using Eclipse 3.6.1 (Helios) and I work with SQLite database through JDBC interface. The problem is that I'm getting different result under Debug and Run ...

25. sqlite: lookup-or-replace    stackoverflow.com

I would like to use sqlite (using Java JDBC, not sure if that matters) to add or replace a new row to a database, and return the autogenerated ID of the ...

26. Java JDBC/SQLite: Any inbuilt function to hash strings    stackoverflow.com

I am using Java to read & write to an SQLite3 database. I am using the SQLiteJDBC Java driver to interact with the database. Are there any hash functions built into the ...

27. Java + Sqlite and 64Bit Issue?    stackoverflow.com

i develop an java desktop application which consome sqlite database. (My pc, windows 7 and 32Bit intel processor.) And, i want to run this application into Mac Book or other mac ...

28. Select specific info from Sqlite DB?    stackoverflow.com

In my db, I have a column for date (formatted as 3-1-2011) and a column for quantity. I want to grab the quantity for all results in the specified month up ...

29. NullPointerException    stackoverflow.com

Does anyone different cause of why this line might throw a NullPointerException

public void canReadDatabase()
    SQLiteDatabase db = data.getReadableDatabase();
here is my oncreate method in which the method exists in

30. Change sort in SQLite    stackoverflow.com

My dates are stored in this format:

However, it seems to be getting sorted like this:
So when I try to pull data using WHERE date BETWEEN 3-1-2011 AND 3-3-2011, it appears to ...

31. Can't resolve error ([-93] cannot load library: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:)    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use the SQLite4Java library in my java application, when I try to open the database I get the following error:

[-93] cannot load library: ...

32. JDBC tests : [PostgreSQL / MariaDB : working] and [Firebird / SQLite : error]    stackoverflow.com

I want to compare times of execution of a SQL script. Here it's my code :

import java.sql.*;
import java.io.BufferedReader;
import java.io.FileReader;

public class TempsRequete {
  public static void main(String[] argv) {

  String adresseScript ...

33. Good way to get values from Database    stackoverflow.com

is there a best practise to get values from a database in java? my special questions are:

  • how can i access the database from whole programm (i use static class with init method ...

34. Store directory tree in sqlite with java    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to store a direcory tree (with file/subdirs names) on sqlite database? (any java example code would be appreciated)

35. Java and SQLite problem    stackoverflow.com

I wrote a java program that should fill a sqlite database with some rows generated by an algorithm. So I access the db and I insert my rows... It goes for some seconds ...

36. Triggers on sqlite    stackoverflow.com

Trying to create directory/files tree in sqlite with java, I tried to adapt this article : http://www.developerfusion.com/article/4633/tree-structures-in-aspnet-and-sql-server/2/ to jdbc and sqlite. I created this table as the article suggests:


37. Databases for java applications    stackoverflow.com

I would like to get your advice. I'm building an application thats going to store artist info, music and other stuff. I was going to use XML as a type of ...

38. MAP Problem with JAVA and Sqlite database    stackoverflow.com

I have another question for you: The code below does the following

  1. For each file in a folder
  2. Open the file and read its contents
  3. Take and divide each line into ...

39. Is it safe to store an exact audio position as seconds in a double?    stackoverflow.com

I need to store an exact audio position in a database, namely SQLite. I could store the frame position (sample offset / channels) as an integer, but this would cause extra ...

40. Why doesn't the JVM load classes from a database?    stackoverflow.com

Why doesn't the Java virtual machine load classes from a database (similar to the GAC of .NET)? As I understand it, currently it has to read and scan the manifests of ...

41. Java crash when database is empty    stackoverflow.com

I am using the SQLite JDBC driver to access a database, for some reason the application terminates if there are no rows in the database with little explanation as to why ...

42. Java selecting and summing from sqlite database    stackoverflow.com

So.. i can select from db and get all data, for now it looks like this:

value   date              ...

43. Where's a good place to store SQLite databases in Java Applications?    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing my first CLI Application in Java and I've made the decision to go with SQLite for the database back-end. I intend for the application to be cross-platform and need some ...

44. SQLite + setAdapter = NPE    stackoverflow.com

There is a NPE at the last line, I can't figure out where it's coming from. Any ideas?

  mySQLiteAdapter = new SQLiteAdapter(this);
  listContent = (ListView)findViewById(R.id.contentlist);
  Cursor ...

45. Embedding SQLJET in a Java App: How ready is it for production use and how fast is it?    stackoverflow.com

We've been using Sqlite2 from Java in production for a couple of years now and it served us well, especially on our biggest requirement which is speed. We want to upgrade ...

46. sqlite DB doesn't get wrapp in my exe    stackoverflow.com

I have created a Java Swing program which uses a SQLite database to store the hardware details of the pc. When I run that program as a java application, hardware details ...

47. Java sqlite group by regular expressions    stackoverflow.com

I have a database table that contains file names and full path of the files. for example /home/user/parend_folders../.../file.txt I want to make a list with the distinct folders that contains at least ...

48. How to implement Write-Ahead Logging of SQLite in java program    stackoverflow.com

I want to use the Write-Ahead Logging feature of SQLite in a j2se program. Please help me with a java implemention example.

49. What does 'Class.forName("org.sqlite.JDBC");' do?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to create a simple app with a SQLite database. I chose to use the SQLiteJDBC driver. The code below is taken from the above website. My question ...

50. Need help to create an sqlite database at a particular folder    stackoverflow.com

I have created an app which consists of the sqlite database. I have created an exe of that code. I need to create the database at a particular folder for example ...

51. Best way to get text similar to the given context    stackoverflow.com

An example would be a search function on a website. Though, this is quite similar and I'm using Sqlite. So should I just use the sql clause "LIKE" or is there ...

52. Sqlite datatype    stackoverflow.com

I am using sqlite and java as programming language. I have a class which is

public class DataSet {

    public ArrayList<Double> a = null;
    public ArrayList<Double> ...

54. How do I check whether a SQLite database file exists using Java?    stackoverflow.com

I get the name of database file from a user, and I want to check if that file already exists. If it does exist, I want to show an error message ...

55. How to set up SQLite for Java under Ubuntu?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to use SQLite for some database functionality with a Java program I am implementing, but I don't know how to install SQLite and make it work with Java ...

56. Use of sqlite on network share    stackoverflow.com

We are using SQLite (Xerial JDBC driver) on a windows desktop based Java application. Now we are moving on to a client-server version of the same application where multiple Java based ...

57. what EXACTLY does index 0 requested with a size of 0 means?    stackoverflow.com

I'm getting this error in my application. I just want to know what does this error exaclty means. It would be really good if you give a simple example to explain ...

58. How to install SQLite database on the WIndows XP system    stackoverflow.com

I want to connect my java program to the SQLite db. What are necessary steps that I have to follow. I want to install sqlite database on my system to access ...

59. Accessing SQLite in Java Webapp    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to access sqlite.db file in my java web app. i can access it with absolute path, but now i want to access it with my webapps relative path. My context.xml ...

60. Sqlite. Numbers sorting    stackoverflow.com

I have Sqlite Database;

-- ??????? CITY
CREATE TABLE City (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, region_id NUMERIC, name TEXT, population NUMERIC, aver_salary NUMERIC, unemployment NUMERIC, education NUMERIC, wealth NUMERIC)
The aver_salary, unemployment, education and wealth ...

61. Sqlite db on Windows - Tiny java app    stackoverflow.com

I am writing tiny Java application for my school friend. I've created app which is working with sqlite database. At my PC (Netbeans, Ubuntu) everything is working fine. My friend need ...

62. SQL logic error or missing database    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to connect to two databases (mysqlite3). I have to add the data from one database to another. I am getting error: SQL logic error or missing database I am using ...

63. java will this threading setup work or what can i be doing wrong    stackoverflow.com

Im a bit unsure and have to get advice.
I have the:

public class MyApp extends JFrame{
And from there i do;
MyServer = new MyServer (this);
MyServer is a:
public class MyServer extends ...

64. Establish Connectivity between Java and SQLite    coderanch.com

Hi, I m trying to establish connectivity between java and SQLite. This is the code : import java.sql.*; public class get{ public static void main(String[] args) { String url = "jdbc:sqlite:/E:/SQL Lite DB/keywording/keywording.db"; Connection con; String query = "select * from THESAURUS_SYNONYM"; Statement stmt; try { Class.forName("SQLite.JDBCDriver"); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } I have set Classpath for sqlite.jar ...

65. Accessing JDBC SQLite MetaData    coderanch.com

66. Help regarding Logic for sqlite database    coderanch.com

I am developing an application for Android platform. And I am stuck at one point.This question is not about android specific therefore I am asking it here. At the start of application I a showing a list of rooms (i.e list containing room names) to the user. User select one room name from this list. Now I want to store this ...

67. java code to create sqlite database    coderanch.com

thanks guys, i was facing problems with sqlite database, there is no javacode I found to create the .db sqlite database, also tried batch file but then i was struggling for the location of the bacth file when the jar runs, also there was maintenance problem. @echo off echo Hello this is zishan's batch file > "personsdata.sql" ECHO create table personsdata ...

68. returning all records from an sqlite3 database from a specific month and year    coderanch.com

hello, I have an application that works with a SQLite3 database. This database, among other things, contains a list of records each of which contains an associated date. I want to be able to write a function for my java program that returns a list of these records that are associated with (for exampe) June 2011. I wrote one function in ...

69. SQLite Result Set problem    java-forums.org

Hello everybody and best wishes for the upcoming new year. I would like to ask you because I came accross a huge problem for me and I am trying to figure out a way to get rid of it.. I want to execute a simple query or a joint query String query = "SELECT * FROM Movie"; ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(query); ...

70. SQLite Problem    java-forums.org

Hello everybody. I have an update problem. I don't get any error when I trying to update a table, but when I go to my data base nothing happend. This is my code, please help me to find what I'm doing wrong. try{ sql = "UPDATE Segmento SET NombFormAdic = '"+ NombreForm +"' , DirFormAdic = '" +Dir+ "' where IdSegmento ...

71. SQLite database wont create during web app running but will when run as main    java-forums.org

public class Main { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException { try { // TODO code application logic here Class.forName("org.sqlite.JDBC"); } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) { Logger.getLogger(Main.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); } Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:sqlite:Contribution Log Records.db"); Statement stat = conn.createStatement(); Calendar rightNow = Calendar.getInstance(); data..... .....Table creation ...Inputting data ... .. conn.setAutoCommit(false); ...

72. Trying to get JAVA to work with SQLite    java-forums.org

Hello, I am trying to get java to work with SQlite using the following code: import java.sql.*; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { Class.forName("org.sqlite.JDBC"); Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:sqlite:test.db") ; Statement stat = conn.createStatement(); ResultSet rs = stat.executeQuery("SELECT Question, Answer, Type FROM Questions"); while (rs.next()) { System.out.println(rs.getString("1")); System.out.println(rs.getString("2")); System.out.println(rs.getString("3")); } rs.close(); conn.close(); } } But when ...

73. Simple SQLite translation from Command Prompt    java-forums.org

Hi all, I'm hoping to get some help/suggestions with this. I have an SQLite database that contains 3 columns. The 1st column is '_id' The 2nd column 'SMS' The 3rd Column is 'English' Basically, I want to write a simple program that will translate an SMS text message a user can enter onto a command prompt into proper English. The user ...

74. SQLite select    forums.oracle.com

76. client server communication using sqlite3    forums.oracle.com

I doubt that those lines alone will result in an OutOfMemoryError. You should try debugging your code and step up to the point where the Error occurs. OutOfMemoryError usually only occurs when you've created lots of (big) objects and the JVM would need more than the maximum amount of memory allowed (which you can change using the -Xmx parameter). Could you ...

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