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1. Deploying a datasource w/ JAAS login module as a .sar in jboss

Does anyone have experience bundling a datasource (-ds.xml) definition + login-config.xml as a service archive in jboss? I've been fighting with this for awhile to no avail. I'm just ...

2. JBoss Database Connection Pool

I am new to jboss and i have been asked to incorporate jboss connection pooling mechanism with an existing web application. Considering that a web application database layer is properly written ...

3. JBOSS Exception formatter for MySQL

We have a solution that uses JBoss and Oracle, in the datasource configuration file it makes reference to a OracleXAExceptionFormatter class. We are migrating from Oracle to MySQL, my question is ...

4. JBoss 5.0.0.GA datasource security-domain and login-config.xml

Running into an issue where our datasources for two different DBMS (MS-SQLServer and Informix) are not picking up the security-domain configuration in the login-config.xml file. Our datasources look like this:


5. jboss 5.0 data source configuration in ear file. How can I run oracle 10g and 11g on the same server?

Currently my setup is: in my ear META-INF/jboss-app.xml

and datasource-ds.xml

6. Creating XA DataSource to DB2 on JBoss

I trying to configure an XA DB2 DataSource, xa-datasource (based on using class (local-tx-datasource works using the The target server is DB2 Connect V9.7 Actual xa-datasource config:


7. I have just configured a new datasource on jboss

And created a new user, I have granted it select/update delete rights on specific tables as required. Will this be enough to use persistence, or will jboss need admin rights as well ...

8. what datasource to use intead of jboss one's?

we are removing jboss from spring-based application and considering what a datasource to use instead of jboss's one for oracle. We used such properties (in oracle-ds.xml) as

  • min-pool-size
  • max-pool-size
  • blocking-timeout-millis
  • prepared-statement-cache-size
  • etc...
didn't find analog params in ...

9. Add properties to JBoss DeploymentTemplate

I'm using JBoss 5.1 Deployment Template to create a new DataSouce. However there are some missing properties in the default template which I would like to add (without these properties the DS ...

10. update "Type Mapping" datasource field to newer driver

I am using Jboss5.1 Iam trying to add datasrouce through the admin-console. under "Type Mapping", I can choose mostly Oracle9i, I need newer drivers(Oracle11). how can I update this field to something ...

11. Multiple Datasource-Files in one EAR

I'm testing the sapbabijca for jboss 6. Currently i have 2 -ds.xml files in my ear. One is for my jdbc connection, the other contains the config of my ...

12. How to make a readonly xa datasource connection to mysql server on jboss

it is clear in the title, I would be great if you share your experience about it. I tried that but didn't work..


13. Help configuring JBoss MySQL datasource

Okey so, im kind of new to JBoss. My problem is that i dont know how to properly create a mySQL datasource.This is what i´ve done so far:
1.) I created the ...

14. setting autoCommit in JBoss 6.x/sybase database

Below is my datasource config. when I print conn.getAutoCommit() for the connection received from this datasource, it returns true. As per this link, we can't set autoCommit in ...

15. how to solve Unable to obtain lock in 60 seconds on jboss datasource

We are experiencing an anoying error under havier load of our Web application the error is :

Unable to obtain lock in 60 seconds: org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.xa.XAManagedConnection@94b57ea
Our environment is :
  • Jboss5.1
  • Mysql 5.1
  • Seam 2.1
  • Hibernate 3.3
  • JSF ...

16. Configuring different physical DBs for same datasource in two JBoss applications

I want to deploy the same JEE enterprise application twice (under two different names)in a JBoss 6.0 server instance. Both of these applications use the same logical datasource as configured in the ...

17. Exception while starting Jboss: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: database not bound

I got this exception while starting Jboss 11:12:37,798 INFO [STDOUT] FATAL [main] ( - Could not find datasource: MyDs javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: MyDs not bound

18. Oracle data source creation in JBOSS

I am trying to create a datasource to my oracle database from jboss 6.Here are few challenges I am facing,

  1. I am not able to create datasource from admin console. I am ...