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1. Resource injection in webapplication JBoss 5

Is it possible to inject resources (like message queues, EJBs) using the @Resource annotation in webapplications running in JBoss 5? The webapp is part of an .ear file.

2. What is the purpose of the NetBeans 6 'Server Resources' Folder?

In a new JBoss Web Application or EJB project in NetBeans, the 'Server Resources' folder contains two files:

  • jboss-ds.xml
  • jboss4-netbeans-destinations-service.xml
However these files are not included in the generated application JAR file. What is ...

3. Cannot access resources defined in EAR from the outside classes (JBoss 5.1)

I have a resource file located in WAR file stored inside of EAR. The location is, to be precise: myApp-web.ear/myApp.war/WEB-INF/classes/ I'm trying to access this file from another class located in JAR file ...

4. How to reference an embedded JCA resource adapater

For our current J2EE project based on JBoss, we need to interface with a remote system using message driven beans and a JCA resource adapter provided as a RAR file by ...

5. jboss: accessing file resource through java code?

I am reading properties file from java DAO implementation for loading properties object as in code given below


6. why is access denied to resources without jsessionid?

I've built an app that works great on my own local environment. But when I deploy to our development environment which uses Siteminder for authentication, I get an "access denied" ...

7. Balancing thread usage of CPU/memory resources on Java J2EE server

I am developing a website/online-service for document collaboration that runs on JBoss. During testing on a Linux machine with 2.5Ghz cpu and 2GB RAM the page response is very fast and ...

8. how to make 'resource adapter '?

In order for me to predict, it thinks that it will arrange if ra.xml is described well, but because primary knowledge is insufficient, it does not go well.