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1. AroundInvoke Interceptor on a @Timeout Annotated Method is Not Working

Application Server: JBOss 4.2 I have a method which I want to intercept.Its a method annotated @Timeout and invoked by javax.ejb.TimerService instance. The method signature:

class A 

2. JBoss Microcontainer + AOP in a standalone app

I'm trying to create a standalone app using JBoss Microcontainer for IoC and JBoss AOP for, well, AOP. I've boot-strapped, deployed a descriptor with AOP XML, so far so good. But the aspect ...

3. patching java reflect calls using AOP

I don't have a lot of experience with Jboss AOP and I'm just curious if it's possible to replace all calls like

Field f = foo.class.getDeclaredField("bar");
f.set(object, value);
with something like
Field f = foo.class.getDeclaredField("bar");
FieldSetCaller.invoke(f, ...

4. Getting JBoss AOP working on my code

I've defined an Aspect class, annotated at class level and again at the method level with a pointcut to hit all public method executions. The method just fires off a log ...

5. Is AOP enabled in JBoss AS 7?

I was able to deploy a WAR file with AOP enabled in JBoss Application Server 5. I passed the spring-agent jar as the javaagent parameter.

But I am not able to deploy ...

6. Add @Schedule annotation using AOP in Java EE

I am trying to create schedule event using EJB 3.1 @Schedule annotation. Everything works fine as long as I have the annotation inside my bean. Because I want to be able ...