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1. SSI Jboss not including html (context issues)

Hi I hope that someone out there could give a clue on where to here. Here's the problem. I have enabled SSI in some jboss under Solaris, I have the application web.xml ...

2. "No context factory" exception thrown when using JBoss' VFS

I am trying to get a ressource contained in a JAR file . This Jar is used as a dependancy of a web projet MyWebApp. I am using JBOSS 5.1.0 The ...

3. Context Path in Jboss

There is a war deployed in JBOSS currently. If I want to figure out the context path for the WAR in Jboss, where should I be looking at? Server.xml? Thanks.

4. JBoss application complete path

Is there any way I can get url address of an application from java code, I mean complete address not only value from getContextPath(). Something like http://localhost:8080/etc

5. Context initialization failed in jboss clustering

I deployed my war file in two nodes and enabled session replication by making it in web.xml. I made some class files as clustered using @clustered annotation. I am able ...

6. How to auto direct to "my web application" from "root (/)" context in JBoss?

I am using JBoss 6.0 . I have deployed my web application: myApp.ear under the web-context: "/test". So in browser-url if I type "http://localhost:8080/test/", I do get my login page (myLogin.jsp). Since my WAR ...

7. create coordination context with xts

i am trying to start a web service transaction. I am searching for ways to do that with the XTS API. I found the XTS API documentation but i still cannot ...

8. Context path in Jboss

9. How to set the context path in Jboss

10. Context path in jboss

11. TimerTask stops executing (JBoss server context)

Are you sure it has stopped and not just been delayed? Frankly, Timer is a piece of crap. There is one thread per timer so if a task overruns it causes subsequent tasks to queue up and then execute in rapid succession. I would use this as an excuse to scrap Timer and use Quartz personally.