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1. Why doesn't ivy resolve my dependencies?

I have this dependency declared:

<dependency org="org.jboss.jbossas" name="jboss-as-parent" rev=""/>
And it just fetches the pom. Other dependencies are resolved just fine. I'm using ivy 2.2.0 rc1 and ant 1.6.

2. Where can I find jar dependencies versions for each JBoss release?

I need to easily find what version of, let's say, JGroups bundled with JBoss 4.2.3. Is there some documentation, wiki, or something else where I can find this information easily?

3. JBoss 5.1: jar in server lib with dependency

My war needs access to abc.jar. And abc.jar is dependent on xyz.jar. In JBoss 4.3, I was able to just put abc.jar and xyz.jar in my server lib. ...

4. Can a SAR depend on another SAR across EARs?

Greetings, First, I am using JBoss 5.1.GA and java jdk 1.6 I have a set of EARs. Each EAR contains one EJB, one SAR, and one WAR. I am trying to control ...

5. How do I declare a dependency on jboss in SBT?

I have a project that depends on JBoss(specifically 5.1.0.GA) and I was playing around with trying to set this project up using SBT. What I was wondering is if there is ...

6. Eclipse project jar dependencies search.Why didn't it detect the dependencies all the way?

I wanted to remove redundant jars from an Eclipse project.
So I tried JBoss Tuttletale.
Specifically I wanted to remove redundant jars from the Dynamic Reports dependencies. I run Tuttletale against the ...

7. jboss5 error-Deployment dependency error

Hi! I just want to test the stateless session bean in ejb3 with the jboss 5 server. But, I'm getting the error as deployment dependency error. I'm just using a simple ...