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1. How to share individual rules between .drl files in JBoss Rules?    stackoverflow.com

We are using JBoss Rules (a.k.a. Drools) and have several .drl files that each contain several rules. Is there a way to avoid duplication between files, so that we ...

2. Problem writing LHS of Drools / JBoss Rules where I'm matching one fact and then using that fact to determine whether another fact exists    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Drools (for the first time) to express some rules and it has been working really well so far. However I've been given a new condition that I'm not able ...

3. Evaluation of Drools Flow with Drools Expert on a web based J2ee project    stackoverflow.com

I am evaluating drools flow as wrokflow engine with drools expert rule. Key evaluation points:

  • Generating Customize Rules and Workflow through own custom Web UI
  • Admin user can see all ...

4. Using JBoss DROOLS XMLDumper with .dslr file    stackoverflow.com

I have a .dslr file consiting of a rule(dslr) and a dsl file. I need to get the XML output of the DRL from this dslr. I've tried different ways with the ...

5. General Drools Question    stackoverflow.com

For the last few months my company has been using a product from a company called Informatica (previously AgentLogic) called RulePoint. This product has proven itself very easy to use with ...

6. Very basic running of drools 5, basic setup and quickstart    stackoverflow.com

Is there a more comprehensive quick start for drools 5. I was attempting to run the simple Hello World .drl rule but I wanted to do it through an ant ...

7. Dynamic Loading of Rules from BRMS    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to upload my rules from jboss-brms to my eclipse in order to run it against the working memory. The following is my code and change-set.xml file and I am ...

8. Learning JBoss drools: what should be my model    stackoverflow.com

I'm learning JBoss Drools and I'm playing with the genetics data from the hapmap project: ( http://hapmap.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genotypes/latest/forward/non-redundant/ ) . Each file in this directory is a table ...

9. Generate Excel .xls from .drl in JBoss Drools 4    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible with the drools4 api generate a decision table spreadsheet (.xls) from a .drl file?

10. Why does the 'from' keyword iterate backwards?    stackoverflow.com

I have an ArrayList in working memory that I am iterating with a 'from' statement in my when clause. However, the rule is iterating backwards through the array. Is there a ...

11. JBoss Drools checks conditions once    stackoverflow.com

I have implemented Drools into my Java Project. All the rules fire but the conditions only get checked once immediately after being fired. Is this the way Drools behaves? I need it ...

12. Drools get WorkingMemory to see facts in DRL    stackoverflow.com

How can I get the WorkingMemory to know about the facts written in the DRL? Currently, the facts declared in the DRL do not exist in the WorkingMemory

13. Is it possible to add custom attributes to drools rules?    stackoverflow.com

We are going to be implementing a rules engine using Drools for a customer, and one of the requirements is to be able to say that a rule is associated with ...

14. How to define constant in jboss drools?    stackoverflow.com

All I want to know that how to define contant variable in jboss drools rule. So, Admin has to change only one place to modify the configurable value. Thanks.

15. Drools rule templates and the forall decision table construct    stackoverflow.com

Currently trying to prove a database driven rule template that is using comma separated input paramaters. We are trying to reuse the forall decision table construct that does not appear to ...

16. How to prefix string to the file at the starting location in a file?    stackoverflow.com

I have file as below.

  rule "IC-86"
    agenda-group "commonATSP"
    dialect "mvel"
        eval($count > ...

17. Filtering eligible records for authorization - Is a rules engine right solution?    stackoverflow.com

I have an authorization screen for say payments A list of transactions is displayed. This is a filtered list. Each transaction listed in this screen needs to satisfy following conditions A) Meets Authorization ...

18. Designing Data Entry Screen using BRMS(Drools)    stackoverflow.com

I have a complex data entry screen. It has around 100 fields with a combination of text , drop-down box,seek, read-only, radio buttons. Behavior of each fields depends on the nature ...

19. Compare objects of the same class in JBoss Drools    stackoverflow.com

I have a quick question - is it possible to compare two objects of the same class in Drools? And if yes, how do I distinguish between the two objects?

20. Drools Guvnor Integration    stackoverflow.com

unable to create a .pkg file in Drools Guvnor IDE. It gives a error everytime with values of FACT model if asked for details in error. it fails to recognize the ...

21. JBoss Rules 5 and "static" facts    stackoverflow.com

I am designing a system in which I plan to use Drools 5. The system has several hundred facts that are read from a database. These facts are the same for ...

22. Declare new type Jboss Drools    stackoverflow.com

i need declare a new type in my drl like this example.

package com.sample

import com.sample.DroolsTest.Message;

declare Variavel
    valor : Integer

rule "Hello World"


23. How to configure Drools to run with JBOSS?    stackoverflow.com

I have a java application which is deployed in a jboss 5, and I m using drools in my application. so need some information on what i need to do to ...

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