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1. Issues with HTTP Compression?

We are investigating the use of HTTP Compression on an application being served up by JBoss. After making the setting change in the Tomcat SAR, we are seeing a compression of ...

2. HTTP compression - How to send precompressed files that exist in a EAR file?

Is it possible to send pre-compressed files that are contained within an EARfile? More specifically, the jsp and js files within the WAR file. I am using Apache HTTP as the ...

3. how to set custom http header

I want to set the emulateIE7 tag on per site basis. For that i'l need to set the same tag in http header. I am using jboss. So can anyone please ...

4. JBOSS hanging on org.apache.jk.common.JkInputStream.receive() - IOException reading the http request inputstream

I have a problem that causes all threads in JBOSS to block while reading the input stream. It does not happen predictably and the system can run for days (or longer) ...

5. HTTP Basic Authentication in JBoss 4?

How can I enable HTTP Basic Authentication in JBoss 4 for a specific web application? Having a fixed username/password will do.

6. Enabling gzip compression for Jboss

How is gzip compression for Jboss 5.1.0 enabled? Within the tomcat http connector right? I cant remember where this file is stored, server.xml?

7. jboss authenticate return http code 408

I am trying to authenticate into JBoss, and I got HTTP Status 408 - The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded.(full error message below) this happens when I try to ...

8. How to handle HTTP status 404 and redirect the user to a different page on application re-deployment

When the application is loading on a EAR re-deployment you get a 404 error, how do we trap this issue and provide a user friendly message to the end user accessing ...

9. Where in jBoss when using SSL and JAAS are the Cache-Control and Pragma HTTP headers set?

Implemented JAAS and SSL on jBoss 4.2.2 and found the issue with being unable to download .pdf's. after some poking around I found references to the Pragma: No-cache and Cache-Control: no-cache ...

10. How to update Http Request and send it to another web server

Following is our environment setup: IIS 7 receives Http (.jsp) request from client (browser). It blindly redirects it to JBoss using ISAPI_Redirect.dll. Now we are trying to modify this setup in such a way ...

11. jboss 5.1 does not work after redirect from HTTP to HTTPS connection

the jboss server does not work if redirect to HTTPS url(port 8443), and here is WAR package web.xml configuration:

   <description>Security for all ...

12. HTTP 400 if %2F part of GET URL in JBOSS

Whenever a URL having %2F is posted to my JBOSS Server, I am getting HTTP 400 Bad Request error message. Url Having problem: "http://localhost:8080/application/abc%2Fhi?msg=hello" If I remove the %2F from the URL ...

13. Original Request is lost from apache HTTP Server to JBOSS

I have the architecture where in a load balancer distributes the requests to Apache HTTP Servers which further sends the request to my application running on JBOSS. When the request reaches ...

14. HTTP BasicAuthentication doesn't immediately realize, when a user's role changes. What can I do about it?

I have deployed a Webservice on JBossAS 5.1 GA. To use HTTP Basic Authentication, The SBC class is annotated the following way:

    @SecurityDomain(value = ...

15. Apache server as proxy to Jboss problem

Currently my web application is running on jboss but I have an apache server that is used as a proxy to my application. I have the ability to upload XML files ...

16. HTTP response header content disposition for attachments


Write an XML document to a browser's response stream and cause the browser to display a "Save As" dialog.


Consider the following download() method:
  HttpServletResponse response = getResponse();

  BufferedWriter bw ...

17. JSessionID is overwritten when switching between HTTP and HTTPS. How to solve?

We have the following situation going on:

  1. Go to http://website/ and click on a link to http://website/appX
    Check that the cookie shows JSessionID with secure = NO.
  2. Open another browser window or tab and ...

18. How do I re-direct all http requests to a mount point

We currently use JBoss 5.1 as the application server and my application is mounted on http://<host>:<port>/<myapp>. Images are rendered via the following mount point

Currently the servlet rendering image is present ...

19. Anyway to increase HTTP Timeout in JBOSS

i have a report which takes long to send response back to server.Is there possibility in the jboss server to increase the timeout value of http response.

20. JBoss Netty framework HTTP website

Hello everybody I'm trying to make my own web site with framework JBoss Netty, server starts OK. But how I can load my website to server? For example i all ready have ...

21. JBoss Netty getting User IP (Http Request)

I need to log the user ip ady's for every request to our JBoss Netty server. I thought:

MessageEvent e;
was the correct answer, but this always returns and I need the ...

22. How to configure ssl for specific url in single application deployed on JBoss 4.2

My application is deployed on JBoss-4.2 and Apache Server 2.2. I want some of the url to be served on https(ssl),rest to be served on http. I tried different solutions but,it is reflecting ...