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1. jboss with less memory

I have now 1gb ram at work(i hope that will change soon) and jboss takes almost half of it and that is too much, i turned off logging to file, what ...

2. Memory usage of JBoss?

When I start an empty JBoss 5.1 it uses this amount of memory:

  1. in default configuration
    On Windows ~ 530Mb
    On AIX ~ 220Mb
  2. in web configuration
    On Windows ~ 320Mb

3. Cannot start JBoss 5 with memory setting -Xmx768M

We have PC with Windows with 2048 RAM.
We try to use next memory settings for JBoss:
-Xms256M -Xmx768M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M But it cannot start:

Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not ...

4. make full use of 24G memory for jboss

we have a solaris sparc 64 bit running the jboss. it has 24G mem. but because of JVM limitation, i can only set to JAVA_OPTS="-server -Xms256m -Xmx3600m -XX:MaxPermSize=3600m". i don't know the ...

5. JBoss5.X out of memory error

JBoss crashed with out of memory error, how do I prevent this? I modified the values in run.bat but result is same. "- Xms1024 Xmx1024 PermGen512"

6. J2EE project, too much memory?

I am responsible to maintain one server running a J2EE web application. Jboss 4.0 is used as servlet container and the JVM is started with memory enough to run the application ...

7. How to avoid java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space in Netbeans

I am developing on Web Application in Netbeans6.8 and Using Jboss server to Deploy my application. I am able to run the project properly but after some time i get ...

8. JBoss Drools insert facts from DRL

I need my WorkingMemory to be aware of facts which are created in the DRL as follows:

rule "Your First Rule"
    $testRule : TestRule(count >= 100)

9. JBoss Drools Working Memory multiple facts

This is my rule:

rule "Your First Rule"

        $testRule : TestRule(count >= 100)

10. Apllication Servers Maximum Memory Limit

It is a simple question actually, but i couldnt find the answer on web. How much memory can a server(Jboss, Tomcat etc...) use? For example if the server has 128gb memory, ...

11. PermGen Out of Memory reasons

I constantly detect OOM in PermGen for my environment:

  1. java 6
  2. jboss-4.2.3
  3. Not a big web-application
I know about String.intern() problem - but I don't have enough valuable usage of it. Increasing of MaxPermGen size didn't ...

12. JBOSS taking more than 100% CPU

Even if no application is deployed on JBOSS 4.2.2, it is taking more than 100% CPU on my linux machine. Please help.

13. Jboss memory problem

I am facing "Out Of Memory Error Exception" while running a web service application over jboss 4.2 how can I increase the memory of jboss ? and will this solve the problem ...

14. HSQLDB in-memory mode persistence with JBoss

Is it possible to use HSQLDB in in-memory mode and to save the data while JBoss is running and/or when JBoss stops? Thanks in advance