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1. What could be a reason of a big lag between exit from RESTeasy controller and enter into MainFilter

I have EJB RESTEasy controller with CMT. One critical method which creates some entities in DB works fine and quickly on single invocation. But when i try to invoke it simultaneously by 10 ...

2. JBoss RESTEasy - show ALL path mappings

Is there any way to dump out a list of mapped paths in RESTEasy? I've searched the documentation and came up empty.

3. RESTEasy - simple string array/collection marshalling

Is there a simple way for marshalling and unmarshalling String[] or List in RESTEasy? My code sample :

public List<String> getSomeData() {
    return Arrays.asList("a","b","c","d");

Above gives me an Exception :
Could ...

4. jboss Resteasy for java 5

Is there a resteasy version that runs on jdk 5 enviroment? I tried to compile my code in java 5 but it didnot work saying version problem. Is there a solution ...

5. Stateless resteasy EntityManager injection?

JBoss 6. I'm led to believe that I can mark a class as @Stateless and also annotate it as a resteasy webservice. All good so far and my code seems to deploy and ...

6. Optional @PathParam in Jax-RS

I have a service where the last part of the path is optional, the user can both enter /mypath/ and /mypath/param1/. I tried to use a regular expression to filter the last ...

7. Exception Mapping - org.jboss.resteasy.spi.UnhandledException: exception.DenemeException: off bu exler

I have a restful application that imports some contacts to database. I want to throw exception when a file is not uploaded via restful. so i write an exception class DenemeException, ...

8. resteasy-cdi - getting "Duplicate context initialization parameter resteasy.injector.factory" error

I'm needing CDI functionality on a rest application in which I'm using RESTEASY. So I followed the manual's instruction to setup resteasy-cdi module on my app, that runs on ...

9. UnrecognizedPropertyException: Unrecognized field "start" (Class org.jboss.resteasy.spi.ResteasyProviderFactory), not marked as ignorable

(We could do with a jboss7.x tag now). Does anyone know what might cause the error below? start is a field within a JSON object I'm trying to send to my resteasy Application. The ...

10. RestEasy ExceptionMapper not catching the exceptions

I'm throwing an exception MyCustomException from my application. (EJB Layer) I've an exception mapper in web service layer which looks like following -

package net.webservices;

import net.common.MyCustomException;

public class ...

11. RESTEasy "Hello World" Tutorial

I'm having some difficulty figuring out RESTEasy. The basic, high-level ideas of REST aren't hard to grasp. However, the details of implementing even a "Hello World" RESTEasy web app are proving ...