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1. How in jboss write traces to separate trace file

How in JBoss to write traces to separate file? I would like to see traces about org.hibernate.SQL and org.hibernate.type in separate trace file. I added next appender and categories to jboss-log4j.xml but it ...

2. Is it possible to change folder where JBoss 5.1 writes its boot traces?

By default JBoss 5.1 writes boot traces to $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/log folder.
Is it possible to change location for boot traces?
Boot traces - traces in file boot.log.

3. not able to see stack trace in JBoss IDE for eclipse2.0

hello im using JBoss IDE for eclipse2.0 version for developing application. but the problem is im not able to see the errors/ error stack trace coming on console.i configured console but im not abloe to see any error. actualy earlier i was using eclipse3.0 but there i could not use the jsp file.i was not able to create a jsp page ...