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1. Getting a CGImage out of a PDF file    stackoverflow.com

I have a PDF file where every page is a (LZW) TIFF file. I know this because I created it. I want to be able to load it and save it ...

2. Is Jasper Reports the appropriate solution to display reports in a web application?    stackoverflow.com

We want to generate Reports either embedded as html pages in a web app or downloadable as a pdf. Hence I came across Jasper Reports because it thought it would fullfill ...

3. Copying bulk documents (pdf files) from server to client machine with one click?    stackoverflow.com

  1. User selects the number of files (could be in 100s or 100s)
  2. User clicks on the Download link.
  3. User is presented a popup to provide the path on the client machine ...

4. how to export datagrid to pdf in c# for webapplication    stackoverflow.com

how to export datagrid to pdf in c# for webapplication

5. Printing pdf from extjs - best solution    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to print PDF file using extjs and any help will be appreciated. My idea was to pass pdf file from server as stream as adviced on http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.95/servlets.html#minimal-servlet. ...

6. how to do pdf digital signaturein j2ee applications    stackoverflow.com

any ideas how to do this?

7. Need to convert dgn to pdf    stackoverflow.com

Need to convert MicroStation(dgn) files to pdf file using command line execution Thanks in Advance

8. J2EE: Print pdf on the fly    stackoverflow.com

In my web application(J2EE), I would like to print a pdf file generated on the server side on the fly in the client side without opening it, the files could be one ...

9. How to convert gp4 file to pdf    stackoverflow.com

There is any opensource convertor available or java api for converting gp4 file to pdf Thanks in advance

10. print pdf/doc/rtf through java web application    stackoverflow.com

my requirement is to directly print either pdf or ms doc file through java web application. client don't even want to know where the file is saved. On click of print ...

11. how do I get a PDF object (string,image,etc) that was touched by user?    stackoverflow.com

I am using CGPDF* set of classes to read a pdf document, is there a way to extract the object that was touched ('clicked') by user? In other way is there ...

12. Where I can get hyperlinks in pdf document structure (except "Annots" entry in page dictionary)?    stackoverflow.com

I have two pdf documents (doc1 and doc2) with hyperlinks e.g www.somlink.com, www.somlink2.com. According to PDF Specification I can get those hyperlinks via Link Annotations. Link Annotations can be found in pdf ...

13. Looking for the better way to make a kind of PDF reader w/ iOS 3+    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make an iPhone application which can read PDFs in full screen and follow links on PDFs, but I can't find the right way to do it. First, I tried ...

14. How to send a PDF to the browser from a Java webapplication?    stackoverflow.com

I have a java class that generates a PDF file to a folder in my computer. I have managed to connect this class to a link on a web application ...

15. Want to open PDF file from DWR request    stackoverflow.com

I want to open a pdf file from DWR call. I am using DWR 2.0 Please guide me.

16. Can CGPDFDataFormatJPEG2000 be used for something other than a JPEG2000 image?    stackoverflow.com

Using the Quartz 2D PDF routines, can the CGPDFDataFormat format of a CGPDFStreamRef PDF stream be equal to CGPDFDataFormatJPEG2000 in any case other than for an XObject image with a filter ...

17. iReport generates different PDFs than Web App    stackoverflow.com

I have some troubles with JasperReports. I generated a formular with iReport including two subreports which generates a grid of values (1 or 2 Characters long). The compiled PDF from iReport it ...

18. Generating PDFs in Java web application    stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement to generate a (dynamic) PDF after a user has made a payment and attach it to an email and send it in my Java web application. I was ...

19. Displaying A Pdf Document    stackoverflow.com

How to Display a pdf document in a web page(Not seprately,just Inside the webpage) using jsp or servlet?

20. iOS alternative PDF Renderer    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a good alternative PDF Renderer. Currently I am using Quartz Core for PDF rendering, which is great and pretty fast, but I find it still slow compared to ...

21. open file attachments(pdf,xls,txt,doc,etc) in html(or htm) without downloading    stackoverflow.com

I have an application in which on a certain page user has the facility to upload a file(pdf,doc,xls,txt,etc). When user go again on that page and click on that attachment, it ...

22. Issue with merging pdfs using Apache PDF box    stackoverflow.com

We have pdf files with icons which link to the specific location at the bottom of the file. There is also linking back from the bottom to the position of the ...

23. Processing PDFs in a JavaEE application    stackoverflow.com

A JavaEE application must process a large number of PDF documents. The kind of processing is not important but for the sake of clarity we can say that it includes extracting ...

24. Downloadable pdf in JasperReports    stackoverflow.com

I am working with JasperReprots. This is part of my code:

ServletContext context = this.getServletConfig().getServletContext();

25. Issue rendering Basic HTML (without inline CSS styles) using Flying Saucer ITextRenderer    stackoverflow.com

I am very new to Flying Saucer. I am generating PDFs using ITextRenderer class in Java. The problem that I am facng is, the HTML that i need to convert, contains basic HTML ...

26. PDFDecoder API of JPedal - Does it read flattenned pages in a PDF?    stackoverflow.com

I have a huge PDF which holds very few pages as images. When i use the PDFDecoder API of Java, does it reads these flattenned [image] pages of the PDF also ...

27. Read PDF files in Web without Adobe Plugin    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to for a web browser to read a pdf file generated by a JEE Web application without installing the Adobe reader plugin? Isn't there any native pdf reader ...

28. Generating pdf with Jxls    stackoverflow.com

we have a system to generate xlsx file from xlsx templates using jxls, Now we will need to have a pdf output also, I'm wondering about a way to do it, ...

29. problem while generating pdf files using iText 5    stackoverflow.com

i'm trying to generat pdf files using iText, i want those files to be opened directly on my chrome browser so here is my print method's code:

 public void printFicheProjet()

30. Don't know how to create a centered "image + text" watermark in pdf files with iText (Java)    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the iText library, and I'm trying to add a watermark at the bottom of the page. The watermark is simple, it has to be centered an has an image ...

31. PDF file displayed as "text/html" in the browser    stackoverflow.com

Context : Apache in front of a Weblogic application Server. A user can download a PDF file through our J2EE application. With Weblogic alone, the PDF is displayed correctly in the ...

32. PDF Colorspace Issue - Images not showing up on apple pdf renderers    stackoverflow.com

I'm having some issues with images in certain pdfs not showing up on Apple's pdf viewers (preview, ios, etc) Uncompressing the PDF, I've noticed a pattern with these images, and a ...

33. generate multiple reports in a single pdf using odt in xdocreport    stackoverflow.com

I am printing reports using odt with xdocreport in Java.But now i want to print multiple reports in a single pdf file using xdocreport. Can any one can tell how to generate ...

34. working with pdf.... in java j2ee    coderanch.com

This is two in one question ... i already have a Java program using FO in XSL that generated pdf as o/p file in the browser..... now i want to save that file on hard disk .. how can i save it .. is there any api for saving the pdf file.... as we have for generating pdf files secondly .. ...

35. j2ee-1_4-fr-spec.pdf    coderanch.com

Hi friends, May i posted this query in a wrong place sorry for that. I saw the specificationof j2ee in java.sun.com and hope it is very much useful which is collection of lot many things in EE. Now, i want to download the spec to my harddisk as i am unable to have net access every day.Please can any give me ...

36. PDF Automation from Web App    coderanch.com

I am in the process of converting a windows application I created into a web application. One of the functions my current application does is automate Abobe Acrobat pdf files. I use CreateObject(ACROForms) and add form fields and javascript so when the pdf prints it has a special note along with the current printed date displayed on it. Is this possible ...

37. Creating PDFs in a web app    coderanch.com

Hello, we have a web app here that creates letters for printing. The wording of the letters is the same except for the addresses and names of the recepients. Now my user wants me to generate mailing labels to go with the letters. These letters are created using the org.faceless.pdf package. Several letters are created at one time and all are ...

38. problem with web application while printing pdfs    forums.oracle.com

Hi all! i am krish.i hv written a web application which take records from database and generate pdf(eg. cheque generation,account statement). now i want to add multithreading to it because when i click on any button to generate pdf my application can't do anything for the time pdf is generated. i hv to print these pdfs.so i want after clicking printcheques ...

40. Reading/Writing PDF files thru JAVA/J2ee    forums.oracle.com

41. Printing PDF file from a web application    forums.oracle.com

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException{ doPost(request, response); } public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException{ FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(EXISTING_FILE); PrintPdf printPDFFile; try { printPDFFile = new PrintPdf(fis, "Test Print PDF"); printPDFFile.print(); } catch (PrinterException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } PrintPdf.java import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.awt.Rectangle; import java.awt.print.Book; import java.awt.print.PageFormat; import java.awt.print.Paper; import ...

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