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1. RuntimeException: Could not start Selenium session: Internal Server Error

I am trying to detect a midair collision problem (simultaneous editin) using selenium. So I start a selenium session A with following (Super Class)

selenium = new MASSelenium(serverHost, serverPort, *iexplore, browserURL);
then I try ...

2. Selenium - Could not start Selenium session: Failed to start new browser session: Error while launching browser

I am new to Selenium. I generated my first java selenium test case and it has compiled successfully. But when I run that test I got the following RuntimeException

java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not ...

3. Could not start Selenium session: Failed to start new browser session: Error while launching browser

I initialize the selenium like

public void setUp() throws Exception
setUp("http://localhost/", "*firefox");

and I write my test in the method like
public void testUntitled() throws Exception

But it ...

4. Error While acquiring Client session in TopLink

I am facing a peculiar issue. Below is the stack trace of what error i am getting.Please help.

Exception [TOPLINK-7001] (Oracle TopLink - 11g Release 1 ( (Build 090527)): oracle.toplink.exceptions.ValidationException
Exception Description: ...

5. Error: Symbian SDK Error - Failed to initialize session

I've tried to deal with this before, about 8 months ago, I didn't find a solution for this then, and also now there is no real solution for it. I downloaded the ...

6. JBoss 5.1 security error after Terracotta integration

I`m using JBoss 5.1.0.GA with Terracotta 3.5.1 Express Install. After I add to my /deploy/jbossweb.war/context.xml file the line Code:

<Valve className="org.terracotta.session.TerracottaJboss51xSessionValve" tcConfigUrl="" />
which integrates JBoss with TC I get : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: callerSubject is null ...

7. EJB3Unit error when injecting Mail Session resource

I'm struggling with a problem with Ejb3Unit testing framework since I tries to add a Mail session resource to one of my beans. The bean is configured like this:

private Session myMailSession;
The ...

8. Getting "bean has been deleted" error in stateless session EJB

When i run my application am getting a "bean has been deleted" Exception.The bean is stateless session bean and i do not find error during debugging. As according to my search ...

9. Duplicate session error when perform proxy lookup

We have deployed a flex application on Tomcat and it uses Blaze-DS to communicate with the Java side. However when using the deployed application we constantly get the error: Detected duplicate HTTP-based ...

10. What is the error (previous session has expired. Please login again.)Its Urgent I want some help...

Hi All, I'm doing Load testing but some times I got Your previous session has expired. Please login again. My Client path = /SlidePrj/servlet/com.heartbeat.slideengine.user.controller.Controller? Is there any problem in connectivity between JMeter and Application.As Sometimes the script working perfectly and some ...

11. Error creating secure session for Web service

Hi, I am trying to connect to a WebService over SSL, from a Web client developed on WSAD, by updating the system properties in a static bloc in ServiceLocator file generated from WSDL : //Update the system properties Properties properties = System.getProperties(); properties.put("java.protocol.handler.pkgs", ""); //New parameter Security.addProvider(new; properties.put("","trust.jks" ); properties.put("",trustpassword); System.setProperties(properties); }. I changed the web service URL to point ...

12. error while setting the session for Enumeration

Hi I am trying to set a session in one of my class and trying to call in another class ------------------------------code---------------------------- try { s_Query = ((DfQueryBuilder) m_IDfQueryBuilder).getDocbaseQuery("YOUR_DOCBASE_NAME"); } catch (DfException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } getPageContext().getSession().setAttribute("newTest",s_Query); --------------------------code ---------------------------------- the above piece of code works fine i am able to get teh session s_Query in the 2nd class myquery =SessionState.getAttribute("newTest").toString(); ---------------------------------------------------------------------- But the ...

13. Session error spillover

I have an app that allows users to enter financial data, and then balances are generated on the fly. Each user has their own sessions, and their own private accounts. Every once in awhile a user will be funny and do things like spelling the date which causes an error because the app is expecting a number (which I have since ...

14. Session time out error

Hi, I am using a filter whcih checks each time if the session is existing or not and at the time of login if there is no session, creates new session. But now my issue is, when i am in the mid of application and somehow session expires, it should redirect to the Login page with the message - "Session expired". ...

15. Storing errors in session

You would only use session if the values you're storing need to last longer than one request/response cycle. (ie: when using response.sendRedirect) If you're generating the error messages and showing them from within the same request/response cycle, then you can bind them to request scope. Doing so means you won't have to worry about cleaning them up.

17. http / session cookies error

I have written a Java application that, to a degree, should act like a browser - that is, connect to particular web sites to retrieve certain content. Additionally, sessions may need to be maintained. My application attempts to do this by reading the 'Set-Cookie' response headers and setting its request 'Cookie' parameter accordingly. My application also follows redirects and meta tag ...

18. error when I try to retrieve data stored in session variable

Hello, I am trying to implement openid based login for a web application. I am able to login succesfully, however for some reason, when I try and retrieve the session variable's data (for email id of user who logged on) I am not getting any text. I put in a if condition to check if the value is null (and then ...

19. stateless session bean error

I have to create stateless session bean with 3 methods and then create a servlet which remotely calls all three methods in that session bean. I have 4 files created-index.jsp under web-inf, and 3 files under mlpackage that i created but not able to execute. can you please help what is worong with the code for this WebApplication I created?Thanks, friend ...

20. Error Encrypting Session Key

21. CDJ-310A --developing business tier components: Error testing session ejb

CDJ-310A --developing business tier components: Error testing session ejb Posted: Feb 11, 2008 6:11 AM Reply Hello, I'm trying to test out a session ejb component that is built in the banking application in exercise 5-3. The tests fail and I see the following errors: [junit] Caused by: Connection timed out: connect [junit] at ailure( [junit] at ...

22. session error

23. session error

25. Java Session Bean and HTTP 500 errors

We have recently deployed a new application which uses Spring MVC. We are using Glassfish v2 EE5 as our application server. We have started getting errors in the application which go up as the number of users increases. Some of the users are able to view data that belongs to other users who are concurrently using the application. For example - ...

26. JMF error - Format of Stream not supported in RTP Session Manager

if (supported.matches(jpegFmt)) { // For JPEG, make sure width and height are divisible by 8. width = (size.width % 8 == 0 ? size.width : (int)(size.width / 8) * 8); height = (size.height % 8 == 0 ? size.height : (int)(size.height / 8) * 8); } else if (supported.matches(h263Fmt)) { // For H.263, we only support some specific sizes. if (size.width ...

27. session error

28. error Sessions