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1. How can I override an EJB 3 session bean method with a generic argument - if possible at all?    stackoverflow.com

Suppose you have the following EJB 3 interfaces/classes:

public interface Repository<E>
   public void delete(E entity);

public abstract class AbstractRepository<E> 
   public void delete(E ...

2. Why an InitialContext on Remote EJB3 Session Beans    stackoverflow.com

Why do I need to specify various driver info when I call a remote EJB?

Shouldn't we only need to specify the url/port and the EJB container should resolve all that other ...

3. Session Bean doesnt work    stackoverflow.com

I have Session and want to load DATA from an InfoHolder Class .. called Benutzer but it doesn't Work !

 * SessionBean1.java
 * Created on 21.06.2009, 16:03:41

package egispartnerprofile;

import ...

4. EJB3 - Session Bean calling method of another bean interface    stackoverflow.com

I have a little question... I search the difference in local access between accessing a method that is only declared in the remote interface of a bean and not in the local ...

5. How to auto execute a session bean's method on ear deployment?    stackoverflow.com

I need a way to have a session bean's method executed periodically every week at a certain time. I am thinking of using the quartz scheduler to do this. My question ...

6. Why do we need separate Remote and Local interfaces for EJB 3.0 session beans    stackoverflow.com

I was wondering why do we need separate Remote and Local intefaces for EJB 3.0 Session beans. I guess most of the time they would both be defining the same contract. ...

7. How to access session bean in EJB    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to ejb. I've created the session bean in one computer. And i want to access that session bean from the another system. How to do this? Thanks in advance :-) ...

8. EJB 3 Session Bean Design for Simple CRUD    stackoverflow.com

I am writing an application that's sole purpose in life is to do CRUD operations for maintaining records in database. There are relationships between some of the tables/entities. Most ...

9. How is it to return a very long list from ejb3 session bean?    stackoverflow.com

I have a ejb3 session bean and a servlet. The bean have access to a database with some big table. The servlet should retrieve the table's content from the bean and ...

10. EJB3.0: Using dependency injection as opposed to the session object    stackoverflow.com

We're learning EJB 3.0 in school and we're trying to determine best practice for a problem our teacher has posed. We don't use Spring yet. The problem is as follows: Create an EJB ...

11. How to access to the 'Session' of an EJB?    stackoverflow.com

How to get the session object of an EJB session-bean like session object in JSP(web layer)? Because I want to add an attribute to the session and use it later in its ...

12. How to define the constructor of an EJB3 session bean    stackoverflow.com

I'm creating an EJB3 module which tries to respect a specific facade/implementation design pattern. My facade should be totally EJB free. I have 2 classes in this module: an entity bean and ...

13. Why not use Session Beans instead of Message Driven Beans?    stackoverflow.com

I'm wondering, why not use Session Beans instead of Message Driven Beans ? If you can call remote methods from EJBs, so why bother sending/receiving messages with Message Driven Beans (which is ...

14. In EJB3, How to implement inheritance for Session Bean?    stackoverflow.com

We want to achieve following things:

  1. Create Abstract Stateless session bean
  2. Create stateless bean by extending the above bean.
  3. In Service class, based on type container will inject appropriate ejb bean

15. How to use custom Exception in Session Beans?    stackoverflow.com

EJB 3.1 Session Bean:

import javax.ejb.*;
public class FooException extends EJBException {
@Stateless @Local
public class Foo {
  public void bar() throws FooException {
    if (/* something wrong */) {

16. Is it enough to convert a POJO to an EJB session bean ...?    stackoverflow.com

Is it enough to convert a POJO like Util class to an EJB session bean by putting an annotation (@Stateless or @Stateful) and using injected EntityManager in it?

17. Jackrabbit in EJB 3.1 Session Bean    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to inject a JackRabbit repository into an EJB 3.1 Session bean instead of looking it up with JNDI? This is how it is currently being looked up

Context ctx = ...

18. How to use single session bean to manage entities from different modules?    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing test project on JavaEE using EJB 3.0, hibernate, JBoss. I have already some structure: There is two EJB modules: Core.jar and Test.jar In Core.jar I have

  • @mappedSuperclass,
  • Two entities that extend this superclass
  • And ...

19. Expose EJB3 local session bean interface    stackoverflow.com

I have an EAR with one stateless and one stateful session bean with both local and remote interfaces. I want to make abstraction of the local or remote-ness of the ...

20. Calling different session beans in same or remote Machine in EJB 2.1    stackoverflow.com

Iam using ejb 2.1 stateless session beans in my application.I already implemented some common busineess methods i.e.,ABSessionBean.java.Today i got new requirment,So i implemented a new session bean i.e.,ADSessionbean.So i need to ...

21. Calling a method on Session Bean from POJO?    stackoverflow.com

Given only the fully qualified class name/interface name of the Session Bean, is it possible to instantiate call a method on it from a POJO? If yes, how? Thanks, TheLameProgrammer

22. EJB3 Session Beans    forums.netbeans.org

I am using stateful session bean in my application. The contents of stateful beans remains in session, have read it somewhere. But when I retrieve them in another page, they are ...

23. Trying to access EJB through Session bean with Netbeans platform application    forums.netbeans.org

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:45 am Post subject: Trying to access EJB through Session bean with Netbeans platform application Hello everyone! First time poster and a newbie ...

24. EJB - Entity Bean & Session Bean    forums.netbeans.org

Hi, i have developed a web application and a EJB project. In the EJB project i have implemented and i'll would like to implement the server component, but i have serious problem to interact with entity bean from my session bean. In my scenario, a servelet, call a remote inteface that running my session bean and returns what i would expected, ...

25. netbeans 7 enterprise application client and ejb remote session beans problem    forums.netbeans.org

Hi until now I used the netbeans 6.9 to create enterprise applications. Now I download and install the Netbeans 7.0. I have problem with the remote session beans for entity classes from database. I have create a EAR project with ejb, war and app-cleint projects. In ejb I have create entity classes from database. After that I try to create both ...

26. UREGENT-accessing session bean ok but entity bean    java-forums.org

Hi all, Please help me out from this problem,its urgent.... I am able to access session bean but can't access Entity bean where I used the same thing to look up beam. Can u tell me please there is any difference between session bean and entity bean.....(TestSession,MbLogin3) to look up. I am using OC4J J2EE container I am also sending the ...

27. Access Remote Session Bean from an separate web app    java-forums.org

Hello Everyone! I'm new here, and this is my first post, hope i get some help .. I build a Remote EJB Session Bean : @Stateless public class MyEJB implements MyEJBRemote { public void sayHello(){ //implement ... System.out.println("HELLO"); } } I deploy it on GlassFish 2 and want to access it from a servlet in an separate web application on another ...

28. Creating a Session Ejb in NetBeans IDE    java-forums.org

29. Testing EJB3 entity bean and session bean by EJB3Unit    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, I am developing some EJB3 entity bean and session bean, and I would like to test these bean by EJB3Unit. Could anyone give me some sample for testing entity bean and session bean? My entity bean is simple, it has these attributes, -. id (this field is auto increment sequently using oracle function) -. log_date -. user_name And my ...

30. Reg. Issue with Session Bean -- EJB3    forums.oracle.com

Have a state full session bean (SFSB): @Stateful public class test implements itest{ private static final long serialVersionUID = -4929837299158287545L; private int q= 0; public void assign(int p) { q = p; } } Inetrface is:. @Remote public interface itest extends Serializable { public void assign(int p); } Accessed as: Properties properties = new Properties(); properties.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory"); properties.put(Context.URL_PKG_PREFIXES, "org.jnp.interfaces"); properties.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "localhost"); ...