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1. Clear HTTP Session

I am trying to clear everything on my HTML form when I link back to it from a hyperlink. Any ideas? My development language is java.

2. Scalable http session management (java, linux)

Is there a best-practice for scalable http session management? Problem space:

  • Shopping cart kind of use case. User shops around the site, eventually checking out; session must be preserved.
  • Multiple data centers
  • Multiple web servers ...

3. JaxWSProxyFactoryBean sharing HTTP session

We are working on one project where in we are using JaxWSProxyFactoryBean provided by CXF framework to invoke webservices. I am using SPRING configuration to create clients rather than using API directly ...

4. Obtaining HTTP session from a webservice

We have a web application built on a Tomcat 6/WebWork/Hibernate/SQL Server stack. One part of the web application is a network map built using the

5. looking for good solution to invoke http client method in a bean (i.e. MDB, session)

I would like to invoke http client method (HTTP PUT, GET, et al) within a bean, but I want these beans, either MDB or stateless session bean, run as quick as ...

6. Programatically keep HTTP Session Alive without browser

For one of our requirements I am talking between two servers using HTTP protocol. The interaction is long running, where a user might not interact with the other site for pretty ...

7. Getting a problem while recording a session via Http proxy Server. Please Help.

Since yesterday morning I am trying to record a session via http proxy server, but Jmeter does not record anything. Please help me. My test is as follows : Test Plan > -Thread Group > --HTTP Request Defaults [Server Name: localhost, Port: 80, protocol: > http] > --Recording controller > WorkBench > -HTTP Proxy Server [pointed to port 8080, Target Controller: ...

8. RESTful and reliable HTTP sessions

HTTP is a reliable protocol, since it's based on TCP, which adds reliability to the protocol stack. In what way do you perceive HTTP to be unreliable? REST is a different method of programming/using WS; it adds nothing in terms of reliability (and actually diminishes the security that the SOAP stack has by way of WS-Security - which may be just ...

9. HTTP Session creation

Yep, a container can create one without telling you. For example, if a servlet container has form-based security enabled, if a user is not logged in and accesses a secure page, a session gets created, the page they tried to access gets put on the session and they are redirected to the login page. After they have logged in, the original ...

10. Releasing HTTP session state

I have a servlet that for a given user session stores stuff in its HTTPSession scope. I have a button on my UI that if the user clicks it, I know to release the HTTPSession stuff. I also know that eventually the HTTP session will timeout and at such a time (or later based on the container/servlet implementation) the HTTPSession stuff ...

11. Measure http session objects

Hi, i am looking for some code (if any exists) to do metrics on what is really hold in the http session : how can i get info on : 1. nb of user sessions actually in memory 2. for a given session, what is the size of all objects in the session This can help in sizing server memory. Perhaps ...

12. About HTTP Session

URL rewriting should occur on the server. This means that you can not "disallow" this. Normally the prefered way is to send the sessionid via a cookie (using the http headers). If this is not possible the server will try to maintain the sessionid via url rewriting. This means that the programmer will have to rewrite all urls that go to ...

13. HTTP session

14. HTTP Session Creation

15. How HTTP session manages its attribute

Hi Friends, suppose I am putting same object in HTTP session as two attribute. If i am changing one object, whether it will be reflected other object? For ex. consider I have object obj1 session.setAttribute("A",obj1); session.setAttribute("B",obj1); And some where if I am retrieving obj1 through "A" and changing its status whether it will be reflected in "B". Regards, Thomas

16. How to get HTTP Session username?

17. Confused on http session..

i dont think merely knowing jsessionid is enough for highjacking a session. for example i opened a site in firefox & copy the jessionid & then tried to open this site with copied jsessionid (on same machine) it did not work. session is maintained at web-server which keeps track of client(browser) so imo just getting hoid of jsessionid wont do.

18. Need to reset HTTP Session Timer

19. Http session thread safe?

20. Getting HTTP Session by using Session ID

Welcome to JavaRanch. Can I ask you why you want to this, there may be a better solution for it? However you can implement a session listener and in the sessionCreated method add an entry in a singleton map that holds all your session as values and the session Ids as keys, the map should be synchronized. Please be careful that ...

21. My http session not expiring after the specified time

David Newton wrote:You might just be misunderstanding the nature of the isNew() method. Please advice, what does it mean? Where am I making a mistake in understanding this? In API, it is mentioned that Returns true if the client does not yet know about the session or if the client chooses not to join the session. From my code I'm checking ...

22. web service vs HTTP session

How correct am I when I use HTTP session information in a web based web service endpoint code (say Axis)? Does the specification block me from doing it? Is the web service supposed to be a piece of business functionality exposed regardless of the medium it is communicated through? Context : when i am trying to expose a web service to ...

23. Two strange behavior of my http Session

24. Java Http Session

Web.xml Setting :- 30 Class Path My Application is Web Based Where I m Using Login proccess i get Correct Session Count when i Login but its Go Wronge when i log out and any other User login. then also i get Session count 2 but actually on that time 1 ...

25. Http Session Breakdown

I am implementing Stateful web service, in which i am using Websphere by default timeout of session ie. 30 minutes. But the httpSession is dying in 5 seconds. When i use the method : session.getMaxInactiveInterval() : 1800.......... Please help me to find out the way to find out this break down of session. I would really appreciate. Thanks.