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1. How do I migrate ejb2 stateless session beans to ejb3 piecemeal?

The EJB3 spec indicates that EJB2 and EJB3 can co-exist in a single application. I wish to migrate my EJB2 stateless session beans to EJB3 stateless session beans.
This question does not ...

2. Do you really need stateless session beans in this case?

We have a project with a pretty considerable number of EJB 2 stateless session beans which were created quite a long time ago. These are not the first-line beans which are ...

3. What does a stateless session bean provide over just a normal class?

What would a stateless session bean provide over just a regular class that has the same methods? It seems that a stateful session bean can be distributed out of the ...

4. Stateless Session Beans vs. Singleton Session Beans

The Java EE 6 Tutorial says:

To improve performance, you might choose a stateless session bean if it has any of these traits:

5. Java, stateless session bean

Stateless session beans do not maintain state. So does it mean they should not have instance variables? Thanks,

6. Problem in creating stateless session bean using eclipse

Hi all I am new to EJB and i just started to create helloworld stateless session bean in eclipse. I gave file->new->project then select ejb... But after the project is created when i tried ...

7. Help in EJB Creating Stateless Session Bean

Hi I am beginner to EJB concept. I just read creating stateless session bean !! Here we create 2 interface and a bean. In that Home Interface we use a method create for creating ...

8. @WebServices as @Stateless session bean in ejb jar

Scenario: Creating some web service as @Stateless bean, package it as ejb jar. Result - can`t access to wsdl file. Goal: I want to use @WebServices as @Stateless session using ejb jar packaging ...

9. Stateless Session Bean

Do I package a stateless session bean in a war file or a ear file for deployment?

10. How to remove EJB2.1 Stateless session bean

Greetings all, I have a question: How to remove an EJB session bean (especially Stateless beans) ? There's of course remove() method, however it cannot be called while the session object is in ...

11. What Jersey doesn't like in my Stateless Session Bean?

This is my SLSB:

@Stateless(name = "FinderEJB")
public class Finder implements FinderLocal {
  public String simple() {
    return "works";
The interface is:
public interface FinderLocal ...

12. EJB Stateless Session Bean fails to deploy due to JAX-RS dependency?

This is my SLSB (JAX-RS annotations are in FinderInterface):

import javax.ejb.Stateless;
public class Finder implements FinderInterface {
  public Response find(Integer idx) {
    return Response.ok().build();
Works ...

13. Why Stateless session beans?

I was reading about stateless session bean and couldn't understand it's use. Excerpt from sun tutorial below "..Because stateless session beans can support multiple clients, they can offer better scalability for applications that ...

14. How should be EJB Stateless Session Bean correctly injected into the web module?

Being completely new to Java EE (but not to Java itself) I'm trying to build a very simple "Enterprise Application" with Hibernate as JPA provider and JSF as the actual UI ...

15. Manually looking up stateless session bean with ejb3

I have been working on doing some testing and would like to perform some lazy loading of configuration data from a regular object, not a bean. The problem is that I don't want to pass a reference to the session bean all the way to the point where I will need it. So I would like to manually look up the ...

16. Wrapper class on the top of stateless session bean

I have a stateless session bean which has the methods with Collection as input and output parameters. So I wrote a wrapper class on the top of this stateless session bean, which calls this stateless session bean methods and converts the collection params to string[] data types(JAVA-RPC valid datatypes) and returns to the client. Now I converted this wrapper class into ...

18. problem in invoking web service from a stateless session bean

I am trying to invoke a webservice from an stateless session bean using the code snippet below. TaxCodeLookupService taxService = (TaxCodeLookupService)ic.lookup("java:comp/env/service/TaxCodeLookupService"); TaxCodeLookupPortType taxPortType = (TaxCodeLookupPortType)taxService.getTaxCodeLookupPort(); ((Stub)taxPortType)._setProperty(Stub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY,"http://:7001/TaxCodeLookup"); taxRes = taxPortType.taxCodeLookupRequestPt(taxReq); //The business method System.out.println("response received"); but it gives the error as ---- 8/28/06 21:34:45:485 BST] 0000004b SystemErr R WebServicesFault faultCode: {}No Data remaining in message. deserialize called too many times. faultString: No ...

19. locate stateless session bean (ejb 3.0) in webservice endpoint

Hi, I'm trying to lookup a local session bean, but keep getting NameNotFoundException. in my bean interface i have : @Local public interface InsurabilityFacade {... In the implementation : @Stateless(name="InsurabilityFacade") public class InsurabilityFacadeImpl implements InsurabilityFacade {... In my webservice endpoint, where i lookup the bean i have : @EJB(name="InsurabilityFacade", beanInterface=InsurabilityFacade.class) (also tried @EJB private InsurabilityFacade insurabilityFacade; ) I thought that would ...

24. JAXWS client erroring out when calling a stateless session bean exposed as a webservice

Hello, I have deployed a Stateless Session bean as a webservice in Glassfish. I'm using JAXWS client to call the business method on the web service as follows: public class JAXWSClient { ... //dynamic service usage Service service = Service.create(wsdlLocation, serviceNameQ); Hello firstGreeterPort = service.getPort(HelloBean.class); System.out.println("1: " + firstGreeterPort.hello()); } } The HelloBean webservice is as follows: @Stateless @Remote(Hello.class) @WebService(serviceName="Greeter", portName="GreeterPort") ...

25. stateless session bean with methods

Open Netbeans: click on New EJB Module Project. click on New Session bean inside the source code editor representing the session bean created press ALT+INS Select Add Business Method to add one method. Inside the method write you method source code. Then Create new web project, inside new servlet. Press ALT+INS and select call enterprise bean select you bean and go ...

26. Stateless Session Bean

So that concurrent requests may be handled by different instances, which lowers the risk of concurrency issues. Concurrency issues could happen on applicative instance variables (nothing prevents using instance variables, e.g. to cache the result of the fancy computation aforementioned), but also on injected collaborators. In particular, if the implementation class generated by the container (as was typical as of EJB2) ...

28. Stateless Session Bean