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1. Java webservice NoClassDefFoundError

I am generating a webservice stubusing this statement in java

 new TPFServiceStub(webserviceUrl);
I have created a mock service in soap UI at 8088. The same URL I am passing in the webserviceUrl variable. All ...

2. Is there a tool for Java RMI testing like SoapUI does for web services?

I'm looking for a (GUI?) tool that can connect to RMI services and display the results. Sort of like how SoapUI allows you to specify a WSDL, generated test input ...

3. SOAPUI client Testing webService

I am using SoapUI to test the web service. In that I can able to format one request and get the response back. now My requirement is I need to prepare a ...

4. building an app like soapui

I am trying to build an application that is similar to soapui and need a little help. I have been coding in Java for a while but this will be my first attempt at using the jee. The app needs to dynamically read in a wsdl from the provided url and then present the user with a soap message that has ...

6. Can I use QTP with SOAPUI

7. Using SoapUI to test DFS webservices

8. Request on Soa, SaaS, soapUI, Web services

Hi all, I recently moved south to Bangalore and I am working for a large software integrator mainly testing. My project team is working on web service project. We plan to use an open source software like soapUI now. Are you able to point me to online and offline resources/trainings that can help me and friends get up to speed with ...

9. WS-Security with XWSS and SoapUI

Hi! I've got a JAX-WS web service with a trasport handler that checks requests are signed and make signes on responses. This security handler uses XWSS (from Glassfish), configuration:

10. soapUI 4.0 question

I downloaded soapUI 4.0 windows 32 bit installer. Previously I had soap UI 2.5. I loaded my project using my wsdl but my requests are missing some elements i.e there are no child elements/arguments . Example: Example: When I do the same wsdl in soapUI2.5, I get. Please note the tags with ?. ...

11. Need help with SoapUI (4.0)