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1. Limitations of exposing Java web services using

I am trying to expose some Java web services so that I can interoperate from C# (see this SO question). The proof of concept code below works great with ...

2. taskdef class cannot be found Following "The java web services tutorial"

I saw the same issue in many different locations and even after a good portion of googling, I could not resolve it. What I am trying to do (the bigger picture) ...

3. WS Interface question

Paul, Can you comment on a question we have about a Web Service interface, please? Perhaps your chapters 10-15 related to this? The question began with this: Originally posted by Pradeep Bhat: A service endpoint interface must not have constant declarations, such as public final static. Why is this so? My first answer was like "...interface is stateless, so there ...

4. WS for appliances

Paul, One last question. I have seen commercial projects in which a traditional appliance (a toaster, a photocopier, a car) is being retrofitted for communication with the web. In these cases, it has been architected as a Web Service hosted at the vendor's (or representative's) site. Each appliance contains a newly added WS "client" with sensors and actuators. Simply speaking, the ...

6. New to WS

8. ws migration 6.1 to 8.1

9. Most Pratical WS book.

10. ArrayList as output from WS

11. WS-I

12. Unable to use the WS

Hey all. this is my first day with web services and I need some help. I have created a simple class representing a book (name and author fields) and a BookStore class which creates some books. BookStore is the class which I want to make it a web services. I have put Book.class and BookStore.class under %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps\axis\WEB-INF\classes I create the following ...

13. RPC/literalor, Document/literal and WS-I Basic Profile

That's mostly because the SOAP spec if fuzzy about encoding. So each implementation can have its own way to represent, code and decode data. This can lead to serious interoperability problems. Let's take a simple example : a String parameter. The SOAP spec allows different representations of a String object (both are correct): * SOAP-ENC:string * xsd:string So imagine you're consuming ...

14. Unable to use WS inside J2EE component

15. WSAD JavaBean WS generation

OK Rancheros... I give up. I'm using the trial version of WebSphere Application Developer 5.1, and almost all of my JavaBean to WebService attempts give me an InstantiationException in the end. I've created all the other Redbook variants, EJB bottom-up, JavaBean top-down, EJB bottom-up with JMS, URL (servlet), DADX, so I must be doing something right. I've generated all the test ...

16. Automate WS Client Program

Hi All, How do we automate the process of writing a web service axis client program that uses stub based approach where a web service method accepts and returns custom types. Are there any plugin for eclipse or frameworks that does that. I am using doc/lit style web service but not rpc/enc Say below is method signature and corresponding class structures ...

17. WS-I Validation Issue

Hello all, I have a Web Service deployed behind some security software (Actional) that performs WS-I validation on messages as they pass back and forth. We deployed a new method to an existing web service, and I started getting error message from the WS-I validator about that only HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 were supported by WS-I. I did some checking and ...

19. What is WS???

In very simple words, WS is Web based service Web - Because services use HTTP as the protocol to communicate Service - A independent system/program/unit (whatever you name it) that gets some logical work done Relating that to the real world, a service provider is some one that provides some service (think toeing service for example). You find this provider from ...

21. WS-I monitor?

I'm not sure what you mean by "WS-I monitor". If you want to monitor SOAP messages flowing back and forth, then Axis has two for you: TCPMon is a standalone application, and SOAPMonitor is a JAX-RPC handler for the server. Both are mentioned (and described, to a degree) in the Axis user guide. The Web Services FAQ, which is linked in ...

22. Recommend WS Books?

I've noticed that most of the Java Web Services books seem to take a lot of negative hits from the people who've posted reviews on Amazon. Plus, there don't seem to be any really new ones. Most of the reviews, for example, say the existing books are "obsolete". Based on what I've read here today, I'm going to install Axis on ...

23. a strange param of a WS

24. Rule based Caching with WS response

25. Question about message handlers and their interaction with a WS client

Hello, I have a WS client (i.e. a servlet) and a corresponding message handler. I simply want to retrieve IN the client a variable FROM the handler. Please let me know how to do that. Here is a snippet from the handler: public boolean handleResponse(MessageContext context) { try{ SOAPMessageContext smc = (SOAPMessageContext) context; SOAPMessage msg = smc.getMessage(); Iterator it = msg.getAttachments(); ...

26. Question about design of WS clients and their handlers

Hello, I have a WS client (i.e. a servlet) and a corresponding message handler. I simply want to retrieve IN the client a variable FROM the handler. Please let me know how to do that. Here is a snippet from the handler: public boolean handleResponse(MessageContext context) { try{ SOAPMessageContext smc = (SOAPMessageContext) context; SOAPMessage msg = smc.getMessage(); Iterator it = msg.getAttachments(); ...

27. Remove auto-generated WS Info

Hello all, I'm using wscompile to generate my webservice including some 15 methods. These are intended for specific clients which using SOAP to execute the service. However, when a user uses Internet Explorer and go to my site: he can see a listing of the methods in the WS. How can I remove any such listing? I wish to disable ...

28. only 4 questions about WS?

A message in a forum like this is too short to cover your questions in detail, but here are some resources to peruse. #1) REST is a style of implementing WS that does not use SOAP. More details about it are linked in the Web Services FAQ. #2) SOAP is an application of XML, i.e. it is built on top of ...

29. How to run a secured ws client on a stand alone JVM?

Hello everyone, I'm new to web services so my question is general and may seem vague to some of you: I need to code a ws client to access a secured web service over ssl ( https ). I have the wsdl file so I was able to generate a proxy ( with Oracle jDeveloper 10.1.3 ) Now, I do not ...

30. WS for existing application

Hello gurus, I've never coded web services earlier, but now I have to develop a service for a pretty old and complicated application. I use AXIS and the problem I am expecting is as follows: I have to deliver beans that include ArrayLists, Vectors and Hashtables. While creating new beans for use with WS, AXIS replaces Hashtables with Hashmaps, ArrayLists with ...

31. Eliminate Namespace preceding WS Call with JAX-RPC

Hi, I'm having an issue eliminating the namespace prefix on a WS call I'm trying to make using JAX-RPC. Because the namespace is present the WS I am calling is unable to resolve the method. Here is the call: Duude! What I am trying to eliminate is the 'm:' preceding the 'executeJasperReportFromXml' ...

32. WS Call fails from command prompt but works from IDE

I am trying to invoke a WS call using SOAP over HTTP and am providing the necessary information. --The authentication works and I get the correct soap response when I run the program from an IDE(JDeveloper). --However, when I launch the same program from a command prompt, I get a "401 Unauthorized

401 Unauthorized

" Not sure why this is happening? The same ...

33. Loading a properties file in a WS

Hi, The following question has been posted several times already but I didn't quite get the answer I was hoping for. Sorry for the repeat then. I run Tomcat 5.5 with Axis 1.4. I have a WS that reads a properties file and calls another WS elsewhere based on the properties file's values namely the proxy host and port to be ...

34. ws greenhorn search for ws

Hi to all, I am new in ws, but I did develope app with ws; my one app, where I have two app: one was acting like server(it has a ws which comunicate with database), and the other one was acting like a client (it was called ws operations from the server app, and make output with jsp). And that was ...

35. Basic question about what a WS can return.

If the object is a bean (i.e., there are appropriately named getters and setters for all the fields), you could use the java.bean.XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder to create an XML fragment that can be transferred over WS. Some SOAP engines (e.g. Axis) even have built-in serializers for beans, so you wouldn't have to do anything special in your code. Alternatively, at the ...

36. xml yes, ws no

37. WS Question on Data Exchange

I've written a simple WS in Java that returns an array of objects. The finder method takes a specific object of type SiteSearch and returns an array of SiteInfo[]. What I was wondering is if a client connects via .NET will these objects translate into usable pieces? Or will the data be lost in translation? If so what is the best ...

38. WS Packaging

I've written a basic WS that uses transfer objects and found that I could only package these objects in the base directory, If I put the objects in their own dir,, the client which discovered the WS would put the classes in and the compilation would fail. Is it possible to package the transfer objects in their own ...

39. newbie: passing configuration param to WS

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the simplest way to communicate a configuration parameter to a web service. In this case, it's a directory location. I've done a lot of searching, but I'm not clear on how to achieve this. I'm using Tomcat 5.028, Axis 1.4. I'm thinking about adding something to web.xml, either this: dir_name ...

40. Time out in WS call??

Hi Ranchers, I have a need where i call a webservice and if say the web service method call doesnot return in 5 mins, for ex: The esposed web service method has a code bug & runs into an infinite loop and never returns, then i need to break the web service call abruptly and proceed further. Are there any ways ...

41. Need tutoria WS in Netbeans5.5

43. WS Vs SOA.

Theoretically one could implement an SOA on top of services built using a different distributed technology (e.g., sockets, RMI or Corba), but that negates many of the architectural advantages that WS bring to the table. And, of course, WS are being implemented using other transports (Axis also has SMTP and JMS bindings), so the "W" in WS doesn't quite fit any ...

44. WS - Reliability

45. Book Promo: Keeping SOA and WS separate?

Many sources make it quite clear that the use of web services (WS) does not automatically lead to a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and that web services are merely an enabling technology for SOA. Given however that todays SOA implementations usually use WS, what are the advantages, if any, in your opinion, of keeping the architecture (SOA) ignorant of the implementing ...

47. Mark Hansen - WS interop

Web Services is a popular solution for integrating Java and .NET applications. The Web Services Interoperability Technologies (WSIT) project, which is bundled with GlassFish V2 provides a codebase that enables interoperability between Java and .NET using JAX-WS and JAXB as the foundation. WSIT is not specifically covered in my book (as it is not an official JSR), but all the background ...

48. good book in WS

49. Calling WS from ColdFusion 5 Form

50. Book for beginners WS

51. Stand alone WS client framework (no Web App)

I would like to develop a standalone client for a WS that doesn't require a running web server (eg. installation to Tomcat). Something very basic that creates the SOAP message I want and parses the SOAP responses I'm waiting to accept. No WSDL, no JAX-*. Is there a framework/lib to assist me? As far as I've seen Axis needs to be ...

52. WS client invalid content length

I'm a beginner in WS developing but have an interesting problem. No helpful solution has been found over several days of serfing communities and forums. I dowloaded an example of secured web service and tried to develop a similar one. But unexpected exception got me confused: SRVE0080E: Invalid content length If I change port binding in the client to use secured ...

53. What WS should I use?

Hi, I have to realize a small project where I have to handle xml files via web service. 1. The WS receives a xml file from a system A. 2. The WS has to transform (with xsl) this xml file to an other xml file. 3. The WS has to check the new generated xml file with a xsd and send ...

54. How to invoke a WS with authentication?

I am trying to invoke a WS that requires HTTP authentication. Is this the correct way to do it? When I invoke the WS I don't get any error on my client side, but for some reason, my call is not reaching the destination. Thanks. public void invokeWS(MyObject obj) { MyWSServiceLocator wsl = new MyWSServiceLocator(); MyWS ws; try { ws = ...

55. WS UNknownHostException error

56. WS UNknownHostException error

57. Calling WS without having entry in User registry

Hi, I've stand alone WS java client. I am passing the user name and password through UserName token in the SOAP request. But the login fails as am not added in the User registry on the server side and UserRegistry verification fails. Excpetion is as shown below: WSEC6521E: Login failed. The exception is : WSEC6690E: Failed to check username ...

59. Authentication in WS

60. Authentication in WS

JAAS is the be-all and end-all of authentication and authorization APIs. I find it to be overkill for most applications. What's more, it doesn't have anything specific for web services. The WS-Security standard defines how authentication works for web services. Some time ago I wrote an article in the JavaRanch Journal on how to use it with Axis 2. (There's also ...

61. DTD in WS

63. java & WS

64. WS with app that uses Ant Build

65. WS method parameters question

Dear All, IT seems to be a silly question ,but the thing is i need to have some official documents and proofs about the following problem: I have a method that invokes web service through http proxy , and this method has 12 parameters , i was thinking that it will be more safe to keep those 12 parameters in one ...

66. WSDL2Java and WS-I compliance

I am trying to define a web service request where the request message requires no parameters. The response message will return a string. If I define a request message with no part: I get a a BP2120 'non-unique message signatures' validation error when I have too methods that both use the empty request (even though they are ...

67. why not use a Java 6 WS client?

68. Consume a ws from ESB

Hi there, I'm new in SOA and I hope that someone can help me to found out how a consumer can exchange request trough an ESB in unaware format. Usually we need the consumer to create artifacts from a wsdl, so it knows where the remote service is and what requires. In my case I would like to establish an unaware ...

70. ws-i basic profile 1.1 xml coverage

71. ws bb1.1: Explanation needed for examples

Hi, Please explain the what points the examples explain.i am not able to understand the following statements. R2001 A DESCRIPTION MUST only use the WSDL "import" statement to import another WSDL description. R2803 In a DESCRIPTION, the namespace attribute of the wsdl:import MUST NOT be a relative URI. R2002 To import XML Schema Definitions, a DESCRIPTION MUST use the XML Schema ...

72. WS-AT: Across multiple servers in same cell, Across different platforms

Following are my questions on WS-AT: 1. Will it be possible to span Webservice atomic transaction across multiple applications that are deployed in different servers but are inside the same cell? I have WebSphere 5.1.2 and 6.1 in mind. App1 may be deployed in server 1, app2 in server 2 and app3 in server 3 in WebSphere under the same cell. ...

73. WS Client code Error

74. rpc/encoded - is a WS standard?

75. Problem in WS deployment

76. Books on WS

77. JAX-WS Authentication problem Response: '401: Unauthorized'

Let me explain what I have done. I have 2 make 2 webservice calls. 1 set of webservices are running under axis2 1.1 which are not secured and 2nd set of webservices are running under weblogic which are secured using basic HTTP authentication. Both these services are deployed in Weblogic 9.1. My client program makes a call to webservices running in ...

78. Requesting the method in the WS hangs

I am trying to get a image from the server directory which is tomcat under webapps to the client but no result it just keeps hanged the code is: package services; import java.awt.Image; import; import javax.annotation.Resource; import javax.jws.WebMethod; import javax.jws.WebService; import; import; @WebService(serviceName="ImageService", portName=" ImagePort", name="Image") @BindingType( public class ImageService { @Resource private WebServiceContext wsContext; /** * Web ...

79. ws-* standards and jax-ws

All, I am in the process of figuring out which technology is the best out there between axis2 and jax-ws and one of the dimensions I am having issues with is ws-security and other related ws-* standards with jax-ws. Is there a way to encapsulate all the ws-* standards related features into jax-ws without installing the metro stack in an application ...

80. Mobile WS

I created a web service that adds two integers and tried to consume it from a mobile device using WSA but it just hanged and did not work the code is as follows: /* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package additionserviceservice; import client.AdditionService; import client.AdditionService_Stub; import java.rmi.RemoteException; import ...

81. Top down WS development in JDK1.4

Hi all, I need to perform top-down web service development for JDK1.4 I would like to provide wsdl as input to an IDE plugin and have interfaces for ejbs and types auto generated. I know this can be done in EE5, how can I do this also in 1.4? Thanks for your help Regards Vincenzo

82. Java web services, missing

thaks for the pointer , but edited the post, my Netbeans6.5.1 shows the above error but it is the Netbeans javafx version so there might be the root of the problem, on the other hand Netbeans 19 may nightly shows no problem with the above code but it is full netbeans installed , with base IDE and javaSE, JavaEE, etc., i.e., ...

83. Is xsd:choice WS-I compliant?

85. WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 Validation

I have copied section 4.4.3 from the Final Material of Basic Profile Version 1.1 published on 2006-04-10 far below: It would be very helpful if the following questions could be answered: 1. Is it against BP1.1 to have multiple part elements within a message element? 2. Will the first incorrect example below be correct if it is something like this?

87. many questions about ws

hi, im new on this forum and also newbie in web servies , i have some questions hope you can help me. 1)i publish a webservice, how a client can call it? just looking at its wsdl file and then generete a stub? any other way? 2)I learned 2 ways to implement a wsdl file, one that generate all the content ...

88. Deployment of WS

Need to understand the deployment of a webservice. I have a service created over Axis. I have a few questions regarding the deployment of this service. 1. Is it that the WSDL also has to be put on the Server. 2. Where all do we have to specify the endpoint URL for the web service. I found it at two places, ...

89. Can I create WS clent if I have request and resposne xmls

Hi! No, you cannot create a web service client that is guaranteed to work with the web service since there is no type information in the SOAP messages. You also need the type information contained in the XML schemas describing the payload of messages to/from the service. This is just one problem you will encounter. I am certain there will be ...

90. Messaging WS question

I'm making a web service that will be accepting XML documents/messages as it's input and will return an XML document. I'm struggling with the parsing of the input XML and I'm quite sure I'm making it harder than it should be. The XML I will be getting is very very simple. ...

91. problem

92. error in testing a ws

93. ERROR in WS client

94. How to solve missing class of

hi Leonardo, Make sure that you have included proper library that contains the class you're using. That class comes from to JAX-WS API. Hope you have it downloaded. (Otherwise google for it , it comes as a jar ) You should robably add it to the libraries that your program uses. (Probably the lib folder in your web app). Hope this ...

95. WS Addressing and State..

C Shinde wrote:I really dont understand the WS Addressing spec.I know it is a feature that can be set when connecting to an endpoint service, and if it is set to true, it sends some information in the address.Can someone tell me what this Spec is all about in brief? WS-Addressing allows you to, regardless of which kind of transport used ...

97. JAXWS w/ WS Addressing

My use case is as follows, I have a web service and client. The web service will take many hours to execute, my client will be disconnected by a firewall if the socket stays open that long. I would like to use ws-addressing to allow the client to be responded asynchronously. I've followed this example: Only instead of a say ...

98. InstantiationException in WS client for abstract complexType with jax-ws 2.0

Short version: I need to emulate the effect of the @XmlSeeAlso annotation in a jax-ws 2.0 client application. What are my options? Long version: I'm developing a standalone web service client, using JDK 1.6.0_18 in the development environment. I have used wsimport (from the JDK) to generate Java classes from a wsdl, and everything works like a charm with the default ...

99. writing client program in WS JDK 1.5

Hi! Using JDK 1.5 you can, with the addition of some libraries, write JAX-WS web service client programs. Using JDK 1.6 you won't need additional libraries, but may chose to use newer versions of the web service related libraries depending on whether you need newer features, bug fixes etc. Hope this clarifies things!

100. How to learn WS*?

Hi! NetBeans has support for configuring WS-Security through a GUI that results in a WS-Policy additions to a WSDL. You check some checkboxes and enter some data, so you never need to look at the generated WS-Policy stuff. Works seamlessly with Metro. If you want to write WS-Policy by hand, which I've heard is a slightly complex task, then you should ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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