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1. Writing C# client to consume a Java web service that returns array of objects

I am writing a C# client that calls a web service written in Java (by another person). I have added a web reference to my client and I'm able to ...

2. Invoking Web Services From a Java Client

I have a simple web app that runs inside Tomcat. I need to call a web service from this web app and I'm not sure how to go about it. ...

3. java webservice client

I have stfw but I cannot find a simple / standalone way to create a webservice client in java. Does anyone have a link/sample into this? Thank you.

4. Java webservices client slow when compared to dotnet client

we have DotNet webservice which is being called by two clients , one a dotnet client and other a javaclient The problem is java client is taking longer time in processing the ...

5. Why am I unable to generate client side code in web services 'Hello world' example?

Link is: Command line is: javac -extdirs d:\lib\ D:\stub\src\org\apache\ws\axis2*.java -d d:\clientcode\ The Error is:

Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin>javac -extdirs
d:\lib\ D:\stub\src\org\apache
\ws\axis2\*.java -d d:\clientcode\
cannot find symbol symbol  : class
EchoRequest location: class

6. Get Raw XML from java web service call in .NET

I am calling a Java web service using a .NET client, the return message is badly formatted since the deserialzation process throws an exception. Is there a way to view the raw ...

7. Can JAX-WS be used to let a server execute web service calls on a client?

I'm playing around with P2P.
I want to use JAX-WS for communication inside a P2P network.
Some peers are "behind a firewall", so they can't listen on ports. (They act as clients).

8. How to set class path for client of web service in build.xml

HI, I need to know how to set class path for the client tag under web service of build.xml in java. I have to add the file to the client jar. Thanks Abhi ...

9. How can I use Java WebService to push data to client

I have some CMS. and have a requirement that these CMS can send article together whenever needed. I think I can use WebService to solve my problem by do following: 1/ CMS-01 invoke ...

10. Web Service Client Deployment

I have a web service client (JAX-WS) and the stubs have been created using the wsimport tool. Now once the client is packaged as an application, the location of the service ...

11. how to generate web service client dynamically

i got a problem. suppose on the other side, the WSDL will be always changed, for example, the web service on the otherside which descriped in the WSDL file has only method, but ...

12. Client details in webservice

How can i access client details like IP,Browser etc in a web service in java?

13. Invoking Java webservice from dot net client

When I try to access a webservice hosted in Tomcat from C# code, I get error message like this.

There was an error in serializing body of message searchRepositoriesRequest: '
Unable to generate ...

14. java 6 web services share domain specific classes between server and client

Considering below defined Engine class being parameter of some webservice method. As we have both server and client in java we may have some benefits (???) in sharing ...

15. how to return arraylist of custom object from web service?

How can i get array list of custom object from web service? I define a method that returns a list like this : ArrayList<Car> getVehicle() {...} But in client ws, I receive an ...

16. Geting the IP Address Of A client For a webservice

I am using JAX-WS and I am having trouble retrieving the client information that is consuming a webservice. I've found out how to do it with JAX-RPC, and Apache Tomcat Axis, ...

17. Client catching Web Service User Exceptions [Java 6.0.17]

I am trying to send an EXCEPTION from a Web Server to a Client using JAX-WS ... When the exception is thrown by the server the client does catch it ... but ...

18. Java Web Service for .NET 2.0 Client on Linux (Fedora)

I'm tasked with creating a Java Web Service for a .NET 2.0 client to consume. What would your suggestions for the implementation be? The solution doesn't need to be very heavyweight (don't need ...

19. How to make a stubless Web Service Client in Java?

We are using Axis2 in our enterprise currently. Our project involves making call to multiple webservices for fault diagnostics. The problem is that very frequently we have changes in WSDLs (which ...

20. get client IP for webservice on java 6 embbeded http server

I am implementing web service on java 6 weight light (embbeded) HTTP server jax-ws-web-services-without-java-ee-containers - for testing purposes - I want to get the client IP for each request. I tried ...

21. Stateful Java Web Services and .NET Client

Please provide a sample stateful webservice in java which would be accible in both java and .net clients.

22. Consuming and Provide webservice to client

I got a requirement to implement a website in java which will utilize another web service. Here is the scenario I am providing the product compare results to client and assume i ...

23. Web Service Client Java

I generated java web service client from here --> I want to make search and listing the return values. How ? can show result ? my code is :

import ...

24. *Client* scalability for large numbers of remote web service calls

I was wondering if you could share best practices and common mistakes when it comes to making large numbers of time-sensitive web service calls. In my case, I have a SOAP ...

25. web service - client classes

The web service that I implemented is up and running, when I try to run the client I get the following error with regard to the classes that were generated using ...

26. Web Service client on java, multiple calls to Service.create() case memory leak

I found that the multiple calls case memory leak. I solve that issue by reuse the result of this command. I don't understand what was the reason of this memory leak, cause ...

27. Java Webservice returning null object to a .net client

Can any one figure out my problem is... I'm calling a webmethod of a Java Webservice (Axis 1.4) from a .Net client. That method returns a Map object, and if i ...

28. Weird error when calling a web service from a Java SE client

I have a java SE client trying to talk to a J2EE web service. We are using Axis 1.4, so when I try to make a call I get the ...

29. Webservice Design - intermediate webservice between a external webservice and clients

My requirement is to develop a webservice that will act as middle man between a external webservice and clients. I know, I can design a wsdl for my service and then map ...

30. Web service client design pattern (best practice)

I have a web service deployed and ready to use. The client application is going to use this service synchronously and extremely frequent. The amount of data returned from the web ...

31. Accessing services on web sites other than the web start clients own domain?

I am working on a web start client in java. I need to connect to other servers than from were the client is downloaded from. I thought I need to sign ...

32. Microsoft Client - Java Web Service

I have to consume a Java web service and want to do it using Microsoft Visual Web Developer in C#. I will be adding the endpoint of the web service as ...

33. web service client in java

I am trying to create web service client in java. I am not aware of how to create client for web service. This is a URL for WSDL: This ...

34. Calling a WS-Security Java Web service with C# Client

I'm new at using WCF with secure services. I'm trying to connect to a java webservice with secure HTTPS transport and it uses WS-Security UsernamePassword Token Authentication. I've trying to connect with ...

35. How can I modify the incoming web service response in a JAX-WS client before it is parsed?

In a project, we have to call a web service that has existed for many years and cannot be modified. This web service contains a bug: when it sends a response ...

36. Bing web service client (Java)

I want use bing web services and I have my Bing appid. I have installed eclipse helios (EE), tomcat6, axis2, maven2, and so on. In my eclipse I go to File->New->Other->Web service client. ...

37. JAXWS style Web Service client jar not working inside a webapp

I have created a web service client project with the netbeans 6.9.1. The jar works like a charm when I run it directly from netbeans or from the console with java ...

38. .NET client and Java web service - interoperability issue

I'm building a client for connecting with Java web service. I couldn't imagine this will be such a pain. After a lot of struggle I have settled on WSE 3. I ...

39. Web service call client code

HI, I want to call a web service from java standalone client. The constraint that is imposed that I have not to make an object of interface (of webservice to ...

40. Web service client programing language

If I have .asmx (C#) web service is it possible to call from axis java client.

41. Web service client java

I want to run the web service: Using Eclipse, what's the best way to generate the service class?

42. web service client in java

I want to generate a client program using the service I am unable to display the results, how can I do so?

import java.rmi.RemoteException; 

public class searchtry {
public static void main(String[] args) ...

43. Web Services client using Java NIO (Netty?)

I have written a simple client to test my Web Service, but I am investigating the possibility of using the JBoss Netty framework, rather than blocking sockets, in order ...

44. Failed to generate Java ME Web Service Client

I am trying to generate the Java ME web service client from the attached WSDL file. But it is throwing the error "Reference in element is not supported by this version ...

45. Java Web Services client: consistent load generation

I have investigated both soapUI/loadUI and JMeter but I have settled on using my own custom-written Web Service client to perform both functional and performance testing. I have integrated Groovy ...

46. Java Web Service Client With wsimport Not Connecting To Host

I'm working on a custom authentication provider for Cognos. We have a webservice that will be listening for auth requests. For testing purposes I'm just trying to send a ...

47. Pass client certificate to web service without setting system-wide properties

I'm trying to pass client certificate to a web service using JAX-RPC implementation. (the web service is in rpc-encoded style). So far, I am able to do it by setting system properties:

System.setProperty("", ...

48. Webservice Provider Environment agnostic Web service Client

We are working on enhancing a web-service as well as working on a new client piece which would invoke the new web-service functionality. We have tested everything in QA environment and are ...

49. Webservice client error

Hi can someone help me with this webservice bassically I deployed this webservice on netbeans and it ran fine however when i wanted to create a webservice client based on this webservice ...

50. IntelliJ web service and Java client IllegalArgumentException TestWebService is not an interface

In IntelliJ 10.0.3 I use the menu option "new web service" and this generates a class file and adds to sun-jaxws.xml - this is fine - it's working. Now if I try to ...

51. Server to Client Notification / Web service(jax-ws) to client communication

I am going to write a smart client application. This application will be swing based desktop client that will communicate with web service. I want to be a message has been ...

52. Unable to create j2me webservice client for a class with cyclic reference


import javax.jws.WebService;
@WebService(endpointInterface = "SomeService")
public class SomeServiceImpl implements SomeService{
        public Parent getParent() {

53. WebServices client - Dynamic proxy versus Stubs created with wconsume

I created a Web Service using JaxWs. I belive that exist two ways to consume a web service in the client.

  1. using wconsume e putting the generated classes as stubs in the ...

54. Webservice - client service instantiation

Do you know how costly is to create a webservice client service instance ?

 JavaWebService service = new JavaServiceService();
 SomePort port = service.getJavaWebServicePort(); 
Creating the service once and after that reusing ...

55. Java webservice and .net client Date datatype interpolability issue

There is a .net client which calls java web services api - addSchedule(Date startDate, Date endDate). endDate is optional - i.e client can pass endDate= null and all is fine. But ...

56. J2ME WebService client

I'm trying to create a J2ME webservice client. While adding the Java webservice, it is showing error as "Failed to generate stubs". Java Webservice: or Thanks in ...

57. JAXWS Metro client for secured webservice with usernametoken profile

i want to consume a webservice that uses oasis style username token profile ( ). I was able to do it with CXF and Weblogic clients BUT iw ...

58. Stubbing web services to test clients using JUnit

I have some JAX-WS-based web service clients and I'd like to write some JUnit test cases for them. In my mind, this means stubbing the endpoints. I want this all to ...

59. C# client for Java Web Service - data interoperability issue

I have Java Web service , and a parameter to one web method is a custom Java type

public class KeyList {
public Integer key;
public Integer[] nums ;
public Integer result;
The Web service ...

60. How to connect Exchange Web Services via java web service client?

I am using jwebservice framework to connect my exchange server 2007, as its a paid version so i am looking for some open source like jwebservice. Any body pls help. give me ...

61. Web services response in client language - how to?

I am developing a SOAP web service in Java using metro. I want to deliver the response in in the client language. My idea is to return all the string fields translates. This ...

62. Java web service client not decoding base64

I'm currently trying to implement a WS client in java but I have the following problem: The server is running in IIS 7.5 and was implemented with c#. It is sending a ...

63. Detail property of SoapException set in .NET Web service ends up as null in Java web service client

So I wrote simple asmx .NET web service in C#. All exceptions are caught and re-thrown as SoapException with Detail property set up to XmlNode that contains three sub-nodes with additional ...

64. I need Java daemon or server that will be able to do only web service requests (web service client)

What do I use if I need something like Tomcat server that is always up and needs to be daemon that is always alive and perform HTTP web service requests using ...

65. which java stack to use for multithread JAXWS web services client

i need to build multi threaded web service client that based on jaxws framework as the ws provider.
this client will send ws request to different endpoint . and in each end ...

66. what is the major difference between client - server application and webservice application?

I would like to know difference between Client - Server Application and web-service Application? I heard about client- service j2me application and web services j2me application.

67. Adding client name in java web service chat application

I am trying to ask a client to enter his name whenever he joins a chat application and the name should appear on his window and other client windows as well, ...

68. Same Web Service client for both Java and .Net

I have a web service written in java. having following methods Java Service Name: Test Service Hosted at : http://x.x.x.x:8080/TestService

method1(String arg1):String

method1(String arg1, String arg2):Boolean
where as I have same service written in ...

69. jax-ws generated webservice client change service endpoint at runtime

How can I change the webservice endpoint URL of a webservice client generated by the netbeans wizard (webservice client from wdsl URL ). I tried to change the webservice endpoint by ...

70. JAX-WS Dispatch Client with Service.Mode.PAYLOAD

I wrote a simple dispatch client with "Service.Mode.PAYLOAD", and the code looks something like this ..........

String request = 
"<Notify xmlns=\"\">" +

71. Need help in running the java program(web service client)

P: 3 Siyodia This is a java program which i need to run facing compilation error Its consuming a third party web service method I have the supported files(folder) which contain ...

72. Web Start client for two Web Services

Hello. I wrote a client application that uses two different web services. Both web services are created using Basic Authentication. They have different user_names and passwords, but must be deployed on the same application server. I must invoked methods of these web services one after another.The problem occures when I invokes mehods of second web service. No matter which of service ...

73. Problem with Java Client

74. Running the admin client

75. client accesing webservice

Hello, I have a webservice that has multiple services and all of those services are registered in a private UDDI registery. If a standalone java application or web-based application(j2ee app) want to use those services dynamically, what is the best API to use?. Is it Apache Axis, Apache SOAP or JAX-RPC. I am confused to which one I should use, if ...

76. Accessing Webservice - Client behind firewall

Hi, I tried setting http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort. But I got the following error. However, I can get to the service through a browser. Do I need to specify the user id and password for the proxy ? I developed the client code in WSAD 5.1 in case that matters. Thanks in advance, Sankar [11/17/03 16:53:32:023 EST] 2225910f enterprise I WSWS3243I: ...


Axis comes with many code samples. See the Apache Website. You have to give us more information to go on to be able to help you. Simply saying "it doesn't work" doesn't help. What steps have you done? What exceptions (if any) are you getting? Have you RTFM (e.g. the Apache Axis documentation and the JAX-RPC specification)? Kyle

78. web service clients

Well, there are two main steps: 1) Locating the WSDL document for the web service, and 2) Generating the (Java) client code from that WSDL document. Number 1 is easy as long as you don't need to locate the WSDL programmatically/dynamically. Just use the UDDI registry's browser, find the service you want to use, and copy-paste the WSDL document's URL somewhere. ...

80. SOAPException (SOAP-ENV:Client): No Deserializer found

Hi, I am new to webservice and trying to execute temperature webservice provided by but I am getting following error: Caught SOAPException (SOAP-ENV:Client): No Deserializer found to deserialize a ':return' using encoding style ''. Here is the code snippet: URL url = null; String name = null; url = new URL(""); name = args[0]; // Build the call. Call call ...

82. java client for a VB web service

84. WSAD client code

i did not find any in the help but I am still looking. what i really wanted to do was to do some instrumentation like find out the time it took to do the SOAP processing versus the actual call. does any body have any idea how this can be achieved in the client code ?

85. JWSDP, DII Client and method returning complex type(edit)

Hi, I read the The Java Web Service Tutorial Chapter 12 I wrote a static client stub calling remote methods returning various object (Integer, String, Vector...). It worked fine. Then i tried to do the same thing with a DDI client. When i call a method returning an String or Integer type object, everything are ok. But when i call a ...

86. problem in generating client stub

87. dii client!

89. dii client returning custom types

forgot the wsdl for the web service... here it is: - - - - - -

90. Java webservice .NET Client. Performance issues

Hi, I have a webservice written in Java and using Apache Axis 1.1. When I use Java Client to call this webservice, the first call to a webservice method takes about 300 ms, but every subsequent call takes only 50-90 ms. When I use .NET Client (VB.NET or C#), all calls take 500 ms. In both cases, I instantiate the client ...

91. web service client type

New to web service and like it. have some simple questions --- 1. can the web service be a simple swing application (no http or internet acces) ? 2. if yes to 1), then can this application still invoke a web service located on a remote server ? 3. if yes to 1) and 2), then can the swing application receive ...

92. Need help passing XML from client to service

OK, I had been using Axis 1.0 successfully and now we are upgrading to Axis 1.1 and nothing is working!!! Please help. I want to pass an XML file converted to an InputStream and pass that into my service. Can someone post some sample code as to how to do this with the Call methods? I had been using ServiceClient and ...

94. Asynchronous JAXRPC Service & Clients

Hi, I want to build an asynchronous JAXRPC service & clients....How do I go about coding for the asynchronous service???What are the requirements in the interface and the class which implements the interface???Is there any other setting in xml files.....What settings should be done from the client side??? Do I need to use JAXM for asynchronous operations??? I am using JWSDP ...

95. How to write a java webservice client

97. ErrorHandling in Webservice client

I am working on a Web Service solution running on WebSphere 5.1. One method of this Webservice throws RemoteException and WSException. WSException is a user-defined exception. I can see from the SOAP-response(using XML-spy) that the exception is presented in the detail-field in the Fault-object. ns-1671795905:WSException

99. Query regarding webservice client.

Hi all, I have created a webservice & deployed in the web server. My question is , in the client side when i use the proxy generated by the webservice to connect to it, i'm getting NoClassDefFound exception (org.apache.soap), So does it mean that client should have all the packages to access the web service ? Are here any other possible ...

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