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1. STOMP Protocol - Connect frame are login / passcode mandatory?

I have been using the STOMP protocol in various guises. I have experienced this phenomenon in the PHP, Python and Objective-C libraries for STOMP. The STOMP specification on the ...

2. How to connect to a network of activemq brokers from a client application?

I have setup a network of brokers in activemq, how do i connect to that from my client application I tried with network:static:(tcp://master1.IP:61616,tcp://master2.IP:61617) and but I get the following exception

javax.jms.JMSException: Uncategorized exception occured during ...

3. Is it actually possible to connect to ActiveMQ via XMPP and query/browse queues using "AciveMQ.Agent chatroom" feature?

I tried what I think are 4 most popular XMPP (aka "Jabber") clients (Spark, Pidgin, Psi, Pandion) to connect to ActiveMQ instance (Apache ActiveMQ ver. 5.3.0) on XMMP connector with an idea to ...

4. How to connect to ActiveMQ broker (stomp protocol,activemessaging) running in another Machine?

Basically, I have 2 MQs running on different machines(ubuntu). I need them to be able to communicate with one another. I have my broker.yml,on machine A, like this; development:

adapter: stomp
login: ""
passcode: ""
host: localhost
port: 61613
reliable: ...

5. ActiveMQ - Connect time out on IPV6 address

Problem:- ActiveMQ is installed on a linux machine which can be reachable by ping6. When broker URL is given as hostname, the messages are consumed. However, as soon as I specify broker URL ...

6. Apache ActiveMQ Connect to a topic non-dynamically

I've set up ActiveMQ and I can create/connect to a topic using "dynamicTopics/MyTopic". This works great:

    Properties env = new Properties( );

7. Applet not getting initialized on the browser while using jms to connect to activemq

I have created a java applet which acts like a whiteboard and transmits realtime coordinates using jms connected to activemq broker using Websphere application Server. While i run the applet in applet ...

8. How to connect to ActiveMQ on startup with WCF and IIS

What is the best way to combine a single instance WCF service that uses ActiveMQ and runs within IIS/AppFabric? Our Services need to support both HTTP transports and ActiveMQ (listening and ...