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I'm trying to consume messages on an ActiveMQ topic from a C# application. I'm using the 1.3 .net release, and I don't receive any messages. I have existing code that uses ...

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I met problem when use ReceiveNoWait with Apache.NMS & ActiveMQ, really simple scenarios:

private static void Send(string text)
    var factory = new ConnectionFactory("tcp://localhost:61616/");
    using (var connection ...

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I need the ability to flush a queue programatically using Apache.NMS (C#). I've been looking through the NMS API, but see no such capability. Does it exist?

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What is currently considered state-of-art, so to speak, when transferring large files over Apache NMS (using ActiveMQ)? Putting the whole content into a StreamMessage? However, I've seen the naming here is ...

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I have an issue that ive been batteling with for a day or so now and im wondering if anyone might be able to help: Im am trying to use the ActiveMQ-NMS ...

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Other than on the connection URL, how do I set the prefetch limit in spring config. I can't find any doc on any of the properties and the param on the ...