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1. What's a quick way to trace the entry and exit of functions in a Visual Studio 2005 c++ multithreaded program?    stackoverflow.com

I have intermittent crashes occurring in my ActiveMQ libraries due to the way I'm using the activemq-cpp API. It'd be much easier to debug the issue if I could observe ...

2. ActiveMQ c++ tutorial    stackoverflow.com

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on JMS with c++ and ActiveMQ?

3. What kind of message can be transported through ActiveMQ?    stackoverflow.com

We are building a distributed system, maybe a c# app will talk to a c++ app, and maybe some jpeg image will ben send between, is this possible with Activemq?

4. JMS uri questions    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to JMS. I'm using ActiveMQ CPP (C++ version), but most probably my questions are language agnostic:

  1. I saw that using didn't worked

5. Using Apache ActiveMQ with C/C++    stackoverflow.com

We are writing new C/C++ code which needs integration into the ActiveMQ message bus. There's a lot of options for this:

  • CMS is an easy-to-use JMS-like API for C++.
  • OpenWire C ...

6. ActiveMQ CPP brokers URI problem    stackoverflow.com

I'm using ActiveMQ CPP 5.2.3. I'm trying to add transport.commandTracingEnabled=true to tcp transport layer:

ActiveMQ doesn't accept it. Hovewer with one TCP transport it works fine:

7. c++ ActiveMQ sending binary messages    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to send a stringstream containing binary over activemq? If so, how is this done? I know the Java version of activemq has a feature called BlobMessage or StreamMessage ...

8. Activemq-cpp BytesMessage    stackoverflow.com

I'm working with activemq-cpp and I am attempting to send binary data using BytesMessage. I have a producer and a consumer set up to send and receive the message. The connection ...

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I have a Java application and a C++ application. I want to use Apache ActiveMQ for the communication between these applications. I know how to setup ActiveMQ, Run it etc.. I ...

10. How to prevent ActiveMQ CPP send method from blocking forever?    stackoverflow.com

I am developing a software that uses ActiveMQ C++ library. The problem that I have is, when I try to send a message and the network is down, the send method ...

11. Active MQ CPP. How does the listener work?    stackoverflow.com

Active MQ CPP: When I register a listener for a particular Queue in ActiveMQ-CPP, How does the ActiveMQ server send the message back to the client (when the message is available)? Specifically, ...

12. Making a Wrapper class for ActiveMQ    stackoverflow.com

I want to make a Wrapper class for ActiveMQ which will have only send and get functions. I want to wrap them in a static class. Users can use this client ...

13. Segmentation Fault Fail?    stackoverflow.com

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -177935456 (LWP 5483)]
0xf79ff2ca in activemq::core::ActiveMQSessionExecutor::dispatch (this=0xf4b04bc0, 
    dispatch=@0xf564e240) at activemq/core/ActiveMQSessionExecutor.cpp:129
129 activemq/core/ActiveMQSessionExecutor.cpp: No such file or directory.