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1. How to script the "Convert to AspectJ" action when creating a new Eclipse project?    stackoverflow.com

I have a command line script that creates a (mostly) ready-to-go Eclipse project for me. It uses Maven's eclipse plugin, and has some other scripted steps such as copying our code ...

2. AspectJ: How to get pointcuts to advise classes located in other projects    stackoverflow.com

This should be simple. Question
How do you get a pointcut in one project to advise the code/classes within another project?

I'm working in eclipse with two projects. For ease of explanation, let's ...

3. Why I got "advice has not been applied" warning?    stackoverflow.com

Why does the following code:

 pointcut callsToList() : call(* List.*(..));

 before(List l) : callsToList() && target(l) {
generates the following warning:
advice defined in org.eclipse.ajdt.examples.ListAdvice has ...

4. Eclipse and AspectJ (AJDT): Content assist on pointcut definition    stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if there is a way to activate the auto completion on the primitive pointcut definition in eclipse. It is very annoying to write the full qualified name of ...