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1. How can I make Loadtime-AspectJ to work in applet

Since AspectJ LoadTime-Weaving needs to load the JVM with an agent/it's own classloader - is there a way to load/make changes in the user's JVM from my applet? or maybe just ...

2. Java synchronization and performance in an aspect

I just realized that I need to synchronize a significant amount of data collection code in an aspect but performance is a real concern. If performance degrades too much my tool ...

3. AspectJ vs. toString()

public pointcut myToString() : within(mypackage.*) 
&& execution(public String toString());

String around(): myToString(){
    return proceed();
It works only if I override toString in class Im trying to ...

4. A .Net aspect weaver supporting relationship aspect implementation

With relationship aspects implemented in AspectJ I can associate objects of two types in the following way (see code example below). I would like to transfer this concept to .net. Can ...

5. AspectJ Inner-Class Join points

I wonder is there a way to reach the code using aspect in "//do something" part? Thanks in advance. Turan.

public class Test {
    private class InnerTest {

6. Advise in AspectJ to change control flow

I'm just starting to learn AspectJ, and I have use-case for say, User login. If a user's session data (cookies) doesn't match the stored data on the server, I want ...

7. How can I use a singleton class in AOP (aspect oriented programming)?

Language by choice is AspectJ but I am open for a generic answer.

8. AspectJ problem

Hi I am new to AspectJ and I would like to find out if creating variants of a class using Aspects - I will create another instance of the class as ...

9. What are the functional differences between AspectJ and PostSharp?

Does anyone know what AOP features are different between AspectJ and PostSharp (yes I know they are for different languages and platforms)? I'm trying to understand what kind of things AspectJ would ...

10. Polymorphism in AspectJ

I am trying to decide which is the better way to dispatch on a type in AspectJ. Suppose I am performing a computation on a tree with three kinds of nodes. I ...

11. handling multiple Aspects in AspectJ

I have a query, when im using multiple Aspects in my aop.xml. here's the problem. i have defined some <include> and <exclude> in my <weaver>. i have 3 aspects in ...

12. How to Refactor aspectJ code

I'm trying to refactor aspectJ code in order to avoid collision with other jars. I took the source code from the eclipse CVS and refactored all the source code (including build scripts ...

13. AspectJ beginner question

I am starting to learn AspectJ. From reading tutorials, I know that I can weave aspects into already compiled class files. However, I just cannot figure out the command that allows ...

14. How to capture button click if more than one button in AspectJ?

I wonder if we can capture that which button is clicked if there are more than one button. On this example, can we reach //do something1 and //do something2 parts with joinPoints?

public ...

15. How to disable AspectJ without restarting the program?

I have an application using AspectJ with load time weaving to advise various methods. I would like to put a switch in my program to disable the aspect without having to ...

16. AfterAdvice for all constructors of classes statically implementing an interface

I want to do some authorization-checks for domain objects. This includes checks if someone is allowed to instantiate an object (depending of it's type - this check is done externally so ...

17. Guice vs AspectJ

I was working with GUice some months ago and now when I return to it, I find I have to reread the Guice documentation and examples to understand what I did ...

18. Intercepting only void return calls using AspectJ

I have a trace aspect that should log:

  • Entering
  • Exiting (return type is void)
  • Returning [returned object]
  • Throwinig [Exception message]
I am having problems with the second. How do I create an advice for this case ...

19. Learning AspectJ

I have read the documents in the following locations. Maybe I'm too dumb but I can't see too many useful examples that I can visualize and no much stay in ...

20. Is it possible to name an AspectJ-declared warning?

I use declare error and declare warning to enforce some policies; but in some specific cases I would like to get rid of the warning.
Is there a way I can name ...

21. Newbie working with AspectJ: Can't get aspect called

So, I've started looking into using AspectJ to handle processing events when the state of an object in my domain changes. Effectively, I'd like to write advice that wraps all of the ...

22. What is AspectJ good for?

First let me note, that I use AspectJ and I like it, but what else can I do with it. I know AspectJ can be/is used for Logging. In some cases it ...

23. java runtime tracing library to replace system.out.println

Have you heard of any library which would allow me to set up tracing for specific methods at runtime? Instead of adding (and removing) lots of System.out.println in my code (and having ...

24. Use of AspectJ for debugging Enterprise Java applications

The idea is to utilize AOP for designing applications/tools to debug/view execution flow of an application at runtime. To begin with, a simple data(state) dump at the start and end of ...

25. Parser for AspectJ

I need to write a parser that analyses AspectJ code, but I don't know how to begin. Can anyone give me a direction, what do I need to know? Can javaCC ...

26. Sonic ESB class hierarchy causing unwanted multiple invocations of aspect

Howdy. I'm trying to use AspectJ with Sonic ESB to intercept calls to the service() method of any custom ESB service. That means I don't know the type of ...

27. What is the AspectJ declaritive syntax for overwritting an argument

So this has been answered before with annotation syntax: Aspectj overwrite an argument of a method But I can't figure out how to do it with the AspectJ declaritive syntax. The following ...

28. Aspect oriented programming - what is 'cflow'?

I have referred to the AspectJ reference here it states that the 'cflow' is

cflow(Pointcut) - every join point in the control flow of each join ...

29. Aspect frameworks with better performance than AspectJ in this case?

I know AspectJ and use it successfully. One of our aspects adds Beanstyle Property Change support to classes by surrounding each setX method with the corresponding calls to a firePropertyChange() method. I ...

30. Modifying existing java class behavior with aspectj?

I want to add some debugging code to an already compiled java class while not touching the original class. I'm thinking of using AspectJ, but I just want to know if ...

31. AspectJ :: Surefire tests gives NoSuchMethodError

I'm doing the compile time AspectJ weaving on existing classes, that is working beautifully in eclipse(AJDT). But when I run test in in maven using surefire , the test cases of ...

32. Generate aspect from a Java class

i'm looking for a way to generate an aspectJ aspect out of a Java class during my build process. The goal ist to generate an inter-type declaration aspect that contains a String ...

33. AspectJ JoinPoint question

I am currently using JoinPoint to capture the parameters passed to service methods at runtime. Though JoinPoint helps me retrieve the parameter values, I see that it doesn't provide any good ...

34. What's the current state of AspectJ?

A new version of AspectJ was released a few weeks ago. But most of the official documentation is really old, dating before the AspectWerkz merge. Books are similarly dated. ...

35. AspectJ - Why put transaction control in a seperate place?

Ok, I haven't fully understood the philosophy why AOP AspectJ is good for. I have now implemented a Logging and transaction control for when withdrawing money from a bankaccount. Alright, why ...

36. converting class with aspect into single source

Is there some tool for appying aspect to some class and generating final source into existing java source? I want my initial class

public class HelloWorld {

  public static void main(String[] args) ...

37. How to define which aspects should be weaved into my project and which shouldn't in AspectJ?

Let's say I have an abstract aspect that is going to be used as a mother aspect for other 5 aspects. Generally, I'll want to only have one or two of ...

38. Question safe withdraw/deposit using AspectJ

I have question regarding making a bankAccount class implement safe withdraw/deposit function. So far it will print log when you make a withdraw or deposit to the bankAccount class. Anyway my ...

39. Enums and AspectJ - getEnumConstants() returns null

Using AspectJ with enums I get the next results:

public enum EnumName { B, L, A }

EnumName.class.isEnum() : true
EnumName.class.getEnumConstants() : null
If I don't wave (at compile time) my project, getEnumConstants() works as ...

40. @Aspect class getting null EntityManagerFactory

I have declared an aspect like the following

public class CacheMonitorImpl {
    private final static Logger LOG = LoggerFactory

41. Reference passing in aspect programming

I have a simple Main class like this.

class Main{
 public static void main(String args[]){
  String str = "Hello World!!";
  <some function with argument as str>
Now I want to ...

42. How to drop/redefine inter-type declaration in AspectJ?

I use parser generator, which generates java classes representing syntax nodes of a programming language, and AspectJ aspects for adding semantics to these classes. I have extended/changed the grammar of the language ...

43. Print as a joinpoint in aspectJ and expose all joinpoints in a code

One question whose answer I have not been able to figure out in whole day of searching.Can print statement in java as

be treated as a joinpoint in aspectJ? Also is there any ...

44. AspectJ - Doubt

An aspect can be used to measure the performance of method invocations, as illustrated in the example below:

public aspect MonitorRequests {
  void around() : monitoredRequestO {

45. How to prune a Java program

Let's me start from what I want to do then raising some questions I have. I want to develop a general Java program which is a superset of a number of programs ...

46. Specifying -javaagent in some other way

I am trying to get to the point where I can start my web application using:

java -jar application.jar
I have embedded Jetty and used a maven assembly to build the required jar ...

47. how to generate getters en mass using aspectj

I have the following problem, I am wondering whether anyone knows a solution: I would like to dynamically generate specially named getters for every private field in every subclass of a certain ...

48. Which are the most suitable languages to apply Aspect's Theme approach?

I am thinking about reading Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design: The Theme Approach, yet I am hesitant. Is it possible to use what's taught in the book with AspectJ (for ...

49. NoSuchMethodError aspectOf() at runtime from building with iajc

We used aspectJ to get some metric on an existing application. When building and weaving with AJDT in eclipse, everything works great. But in the integration env. we use ...

50. Finding unused code in Java with AspectJ

I have an idea for finding unused ('dead') methods in a large Java project but I need help deriving an implementation.

  1. Use AspectJ to add a 'before' aspect to ALL methods in ...

51. Java code instrumentation to record every access to classes fields

I would like to ask if please someone can suggest me which is the most suitable instrumentation library for accomplishing the following task: Given a ...

52. AspectJ recursion problem

I'm pretty new to AspectJ and have a problem that inspite if some research I'm not able to fix. I have the following aspect concerning a Bank, the aspect checks whether ...

53. Using AspectJ to extend an Entity

How can I use AspectJ to extend an Entity. For example say I have one entity Product with attributes like mfgDate,prodIdentifier. For some cases I would like to extend this entity ...

54. Any AspectJ code generation library (like Sun's codemodel for Java code generation)?

Is there any free library to generate AspectJ code at compile-time (at the annotation processing step for example)? I am looking for something similar to codemodel, but to generate ...

55. Reverse Engineer in an Aspectj java application

How to find call hierarchy of functions and relation between objects in a written code that have Aspect-J. this code developed by previous developer. and he/she has not write(!) any documents. please help ...

56. @AspectJ syntax for "after() : staticinitialization(*)"

I'm trying to implement a tracing aspect using the pertypewithin instantiation model. In this way, I'll be able to use one logger per class per type. From some examples arround the we I ...

57. Which version of AspectJ is suitable for Java 1.4.2?

I can seem to find an guide for 1.4.2 compatibility. Can someone who is good in AOP give me a heads up.

58. Should I use OVal (Object Validation Framework) even if it requires AspectJ or not?

I have a Java Maven project which is developed by multiple people. As I really like doing JUnit Tests and the like, the concept of OVal intrigues me because I can write ...

59. Use Aspectj to find List of classes implementing a certain interface

Is it possible using AspectJ to find a list of all Classes which implement a certain interface. For e.g I have an interface MatchRule. Then I can have classes DefaultMatchRule and ...

60. What is AspectJ context binding?

can anyone explains to me what "context binding" at runtime in AspectJ is, and in what ways is it different from reflection?

In particular, if I need to get an ...

61. ApectJ - pointcat with dynamic value

Is it possible doing something like this?

private static final String PACKAGE = System.getProperty("packagePrefix", "org.company_name");

@Around("execution(* "+PACKAGE+"..*.*(..)) && @annotation(validate)")

62. How to remove java..* calls while using cflow() in aspectj?

I have captured my problem in the following sample code. HelloWorld class is my source which needs to be instrumented by HelloWorldTracer aspect. My objective is to find all the method ...

63. AOP snippet: is this Aspectj?

I encountered the following snippet about AOP. Can someone tell me what programming language is that?

  public aspect MyAspect

64. Could someone explain me purpose of aj5 and aj scripts in the bin directory of installed AspectJ framework

Here the screenshot of containing the bin folder in AspectJ framework. enter image description here

65. Simple use of AspectJ in a standalone application

Imagine you have an aspect:

public class MyAspect {
    public void anyAnnotation() {}

    public void anyComponentAdvice(JoinPoint joinPoint) {

66. Using Generics with AspectJ

I'm experimenting with the use of AspectJ in some of my team's code to add statistics tracking without muddying up the main implementation but am running into some problems. What I'm ...

67. abt AspectJ

69. javancss & aspectJ

70. AOP /AspectJ

71. WebServiceContext and AspectJ

package; +import javax.annotation.Resource; @WebService public class MyService { @Resource public WebServiceContext context; @WebMethod(operationName = "greetClient") public String greetClient(String userName) { String msg = null; MessageContext mc = context.getMessageContext(); HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest)mc.get(MessageContext.SERVLET_REQUEST); StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(); stringBuilder.append("Hi "); stringBuilder.append(userName); stringBuilder.append("\nClient IP: "); stringBuilder.append(req.getRemoteAddr()); msg = stringBuilder.toString(); return msg; } }

72. Concurrency and AspectJ

I hope this is the right place for this question...I have a main class package; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException; import java.util.concurrent.ExecutorCompletionService; import java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService; import java.util.concurrent.Executors; import com.thread.main.ProcessOne; import com.thread.main.ProcessTwo; public class StartPoint { public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException { StartPoint maynard = new StartPoint(); maynard.go(); } private void go() throws InterruptedException { ExecutorService execPool = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(2 ...

73. Doubt in AspectJ

74. Dynamic code instrumentation with it possible ?

Hi All, Im trying to build a GUI that will allow me to instrument an application using aspectJ. What i would like to ideally do is to upload a .java file and an associated aspect and to be able to run this in my GUI, observing the results.. Any ideas as where to begin ? Is this even possible..... Anyone ? ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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