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1. How to quickly modify compiled java classes behaviour with aspectJ

How to use aspectJ to add functionality temporarily to some java application? Something like creating the aspect, compiling with ajc, using java command with some extra switch to apply aspect?

2. AspectJ - Compile Java source with precompiled aspects

Let's say I have few aspects, which I have already compiled, and now I just want to compile single source file, but without recompiling the aspects, since it takes a lot ...

3. AspectJ 6 + Netbeans 7.0 error when compiling application

I'm trying to use AspectJ's latest version with netbeans 7.0. What I did was basically download the .jar file and extract it. After editing build.xml here how it looks:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project ...

4. 'NoAspectBoundException' happened when running compiled AOP code under CLI

EDIT: OK I got it. java command must follow the [option] class order. If I put class before [option] like java Foo -cp .:../lib , options will be ignore. In such ...