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1. How do you debug a series of Aspect in eclipse?

I've got a chain of aspects that are being executed in some cases but not in others. The stack typically looks something like this w/o giving an context information. ...

2. Upgrading AspectJ Runtime Library in Eclipse

I am trying to upgrade to a newer version of aspectjrt than the one that comes with Eclipse. I updated the version number in maven pom.xml. Eclipse doesn't seem ...

3. Trouble installing AspectJ on Eclipse 3.6.1

When following these instructions, I get the following error dialog enter image description here If you cannot read the message, it reads as follows

An error occurred while ...

4. Eclipse: contradicting warnings

Here's the code snippet:

class MyClass {
    private native void foo();
For the above, Eclipse (namely, 3.7.0) gives a warning
The method foo() from the type MyClass is ...