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1. AspectJ: How to replace an existing annotation    stackoverflow.com

Using AspectJ, how do you replace an existing annotation? I have the following code

declare @method : @Test * *(..) : @Test(timeout=10);
Which generates the following error on every test method:
... already has an ...

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Google has some answers for this, but they are all for people using Maven. I am not using Maven so I am stumped. I have other projects that are not using ...

3. List of Method Calls During Execution of Java Unit Test    stackoverflow.com

I have a situation where I need to know what methods are being called from a single JUnit test. For example, if I have the following pseudo-code:

public class UnitTest {  ...

4. Use junit with aspectj    forums.oracle.com

public int sumNum(int a, int b){ Bump bump = new Bump(); return bump.bumpIt(a) + bump.bumpIt(b); } } This class uses a class Bump which looks like public class Bump { public int bumpIt( int a){ return a+1; } } I have to test the method sumNum of Sum without havign to worry about initializing the actual Bump instance