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1. AspectJ, Can it be used for large scale loggin    stackoverflow.com

I am adding logging into existing source code (large source code) to give a detailed logging, we decided the backend for logging (using face book scribe, and tested ). I am ...

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Im trying to get the @Profiled annotation to time (and log) method calls using Perf4j in my eclipse project. This uses aspectj. Ive managed easily to get it to ...

3. AspectJ pointcuts - get a reference to the joinpoint class and name    stackoverflow.com

I am using the @AspectJ style for writing aspects, to handle logging in our application. Basically I have a pointcut set up like so:

@Pointcut("call(public * com.example..*(..))")
public void logging() {}
and then ...

4. Help with pointcut - AspectJ    stackoverflow.com

I'm just a bit confused with the parameters in a pointcut would appreciate if anyone could explain it to me...

import Java.util.logging.*;
import org.aspect j.lang.*;

public aspect TraceAspect {
private Logger _logger = Logger.getLogger("trace");

TraceAspectV2() {

5. AspectJ : can I neutralize 'throw' (replace it with log) and continue the method    stackoverflow.com

In below code I want to neutralize the throw and continue the method - Can it be done ?

public class TestChild extends TestParent{

private String s; 

public void doit(String arg) throws Exception ...

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I first thought about using ITDs to define the private static final Logger logger = ... for some unrelated cases, but it doesn't look enough like an obvious improvement to use ...