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1. What pointcut method pattern to use for interface with method that returns Collection

A have a simple interface:

package org.example.application;
import java.util.Collection;

public interface Test {
    public Collection<String> findAll();
I want to create an advice for this method when around:
package org.example.aspect;
import java.util.Collection;

public aspect TestAspect {

2. How to implement Abstract Factory Pattern using AspectJ

How can I implement Abstract Factory Pattern using AspectJ either compile time or Load time

3. How can we implement Strategy Pattern using AspectJ

Can I implement Strategy Pattern using AOP. I would like to either 1. Override the default algorithm 2. Or Would like to dynamically select any of the given algorithm. Thanks,

4. Java Design Patterns Examples

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Examples of GoF Design Patterns
for some university work I'm working on a new way (using AO) to implement design patterns. So now basically need ...

5. AspectJ Weaver setter pattern issue

I have a "working" AspectJ Weaver pattern for matching all the setters inside a certain type (Item):

public pointcut setter(Item item) :
    && execution(void Item+.set*(*));
It ...