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1. JNLP/Webstart - Setting environment variables

Is there a way via the jnlp file, to set up an environmental variable? I want to set the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS in order to do some LTW with aspectj. Thanks

2. AOP with Local Variable Annotations

I want to use local variable annotations to do better AOP. One idea is to implement the Future<T> concept with a proxy using an annotation.

@NonBlocking ExpensiveObject exp = new ExpensiveObject(); 
//returns ...

3. AspectJ pointcut on method variable, is it possible?

I have been using AspectJ for a while and it works great on object scope fields containing annotations. I just ran into a situation where I want to annotate a variable ...

4. AspectJ Pointcut to introspect a local method code and print a variable inside local method

I am trying to write a pointcut and advice which could print a string from following method -

public CustomerDto getCustomer(Integer customerCode){          ...

5. Proceed with variable arguments with AspectJ

I'm trying to normalize URIs across an application using AspectJ. I'm catching every call that is made to a method passing in a parameter using this code:

Object around() : execution(* ...